51 thoughts on “September 2, 2015: Stress”

    1. This is one of those situations where I would really like to know what kind of communication there is between the front office and the manager of the team. Sure, the Nats have been hampered by a lot of injuries but the front office has to be thinking the manager is flushing away the potential of the solid roster they handed him.

  1. If anyone (JeffA) wants to know what Craig James is up to after leaving baseball:

  2. Hypothetically, does anyone have anything they think they've been seeing lately from the Twins that they'd like asked about by someone with press credentials covering tomorrow's game?

    1. Percentage chance May starts 2016 in rotation?

      Any chance they'll ever try to get back to an eleven man pitching staff?

      How do they plan to get Vargas any playing time this month?

      1. Whoa whoa, baby steps! Let's hope the Twins can move to a twelve man pitching staff first. Molitor did try it briefly this year I recall.

      1. Oh, that was fun!

        What is your best experience or most memorable White Sox moment?
        Any time the White Sox are beat by the Twins

        I should get a redemption code in my email; let me know where to send it to you when I get it. Looks like the Twins are there the following weekend.

        1. Oh, you mean @ the White Sox? Never mind, I thought you meant like tomorrow's game up here.

          I guess I read it as "one remaining Twins game against the White Sox".

      1. Heh.
        It was really quite amusing to hear the broadcast team tiptoe around the poor calls. Even better was when Morris (he was in the booth with Dick last night, right?) went off on Bucknor for removing his mask in order to "show Plouffe who's boss".

    1. I assume this is a joak because I no longer run it, and a non-English site appears to have taken over the old address? I know explaining the joak makes it not funny, but... here I am, being not funny.

  3. The Donald, stating the obvious:

    Trump disputes [Rick] Reilly’s entire story as well: “I always thought he was a terrible writer,” he said. “I absolutely killed him, and he wrote very inaccurately. I would say that he’s a very dishonest writer. . . .

  4. Day game alert: Fort Myers is playing at Jupiter right now. The Miracle leads 2-1 in the bottom of the sixth.

  5. We are adopting an 8 year old dog on Friday that was named Snow. I talked the kids into renaming her Sano.

    1. That's awesome and awesome, respectively.

      High energy like your current pup, or something a bit mellowed in her age?

      1. This one is the opposite. Little white poodle/bichon (bich poo?) mix.

        We ran into a rescue organization at an event early in the summer. The next day, I was greeted to a 16 page Power Point presentation prepared by the 12 year old when I got home from work. Pros/cons of different breeds, local rescue organizations, and currently available dogs. I finally caved after we went on vacation in August.

      1. Don't know. Not sure if it hasn't been announced but haven't seen it. Looking at stats, my guess would be Edwin Encarnacion, who had a slightly bigger monster month than Donaldson did.

    1. This is from a CBS Sportsline story by Dayn Perry filed August 11, about leading ROY contenders:

      Sano at this writing has just 128 plate appearances to his credit, so that's holding him back right now. That said, on a rate basis, he's been excellent: .264/.383/.491 (139 OPS+) with 21 walks, five homers, and nine doubles in 31 games. He's the Twins' regular No. 3 or No. 4 hitter, so he'll be a regular the rest of the way, barring injury or steep collapse. If Correa fades while Sano sustains, then this becomes more of a race.

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