Brined and Breaded Chicken Fingers

Howdy, Citizens. This has been sitting in drafts since June 10th, and I'm very work-averse at the moment, so I'm gonna finish this up. My pickle juice brined Chicken Fingers await.

One: Get a jar of pickles and consume them.  Save the juice.  Put chicken in juice.  Leave overnight.


Zwei:  Get some flower, egg wash, and Panko breadcrumbs.


C: Pat your chicken dry.

Cuatro: Flour dusting

Cinq: Egg bathCAM00718

Šestý: Coat evenly in breadcrumbsCAM00719

I'm out of languages: Arrange on a sheet and bake. I honestly have no idea what I baked these at. 375F? Sure why not.


Now, we wait. Archer and beer help.

The chicken stayed very nice and moist.  I would have liked a bit crisper coating though.  Maybe a quick pan-fry might have been necessary.

Pair with spicy Whataburger ketchup for best results.

15 thoughts on “Brined and Breaded Chicken Fingers”

    1. A) Don't have to make my own brine
      2) Pickle juice doesn't go to waste

      Next I hope to try with the juice of the spicy pickles we have, soon as they're empty.

  1. For a breading of that type, while not being the healthiest option, I strongly recommend pan frying. You'll get a nice, crispy outside that way.

    1. Ideally, I'd have a deep-fat fryer in my kitchen, because I'm not a healthy eatin' type of person. But evidently FW doesn't want me keeling over at 35, so oven-baked it was.

    1. Just make sure that

      A) You're not allergic, and
      2) No thorns

      I did that for Cuatro as well, but caught myself. Still batting .500!

        1. That's going to require a disclaimer*.

          *Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

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