Game 153 recap. Do I have to?

MIN 4 2 0

DET 6 13 3


Thats right, the Twins scored 4 runs on 2 hits. One of the hits was an almost Grand Slam by Eddie Rosario. The ball hit the top of the wall and Rosario got his 15th triple of the year. He now has more triples (15) than walks (14) this year. Crazy.

Rosario then tagged up on an ball hit about 110 feet to the right side of second base. Ian Kinsler's "holy moses this guy is tagging up!" throw short hopped the catcher and it was 4-0 Twins and it looked like the Twins were on cruise control and the Tigers were planning golf outings in the Carribean.

The Mike Pelfrey wobbled a bit. Pelf was rock solid the first four innings but gave up a bunch of hits in the 5th, but only 1 run and his night was through. In hindsight it might have been better to try to get 6 innings out of him because the bullpen was leaky again (except Blaine Boyer of all people).

Casey Fien and Glen Perkins manged to allow 7 base runners and 5 runs in their 5 out combined appearance. Once could say its just a one time thing for Perk but he has been struuuuuug-gling since July. He may say he is healthy, but it may be time to just shut him down for the year.

I keep telling myself competitive September baseball is fun, but then a soul crushing loss to a bad baseball team happens and wonder why go through the emotions. Then I look at the box scores are the last 4 years and see something like this actual lineup and think" yeah this year is pretty good".




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  1. If Pelfrey went 6, then Molitor wouldn't have used Boyer and would have just started with Fien in the 7th. The Twins had Perkins in there with the game on the line and he couldn't hold it, plain and simple. He's not back to his old form yet, but after Fien walked Gose and gave up the double to Kinsler, Molitor had to go to Perkins. What really hurt was May still not being available. The injuries to Perkins and May in the second half have really kept the Twins from taking off. Sounds like he could be available tomorrow. This could have been an epic win with 4 runs on 2 hits. The Twins won a game in '87 late in the year with just 2 hits, both solo homers, I think by Puckett and Laudner. They started some kid from the minors. I think it was his only start and they won 2-1.

  2. The boys have been trying to slowly drown my playoff hope in the bathtub with limited success, but last night they just took out a shiv and started stabbing its heart.

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