85 thoughts on “Game 153”

  1. 24 OF assists in a season is a lot

      1. Torii's highest OF assist total was 15 back in 2011 as a RFer for LAAAAAA
        His highest CF Twins total is 14 in 2001.

        1. Speculation here, but I'd imagine many of the best OF arms assist totals fall off pretty rapidly as scouting reports circulate. Gentleman's bet here. Rosario's OF assists go down in the coming years as word spreads about his prowess. Conversely, some noodle arms often pad their stats because everybody runs on them.

          1. I'd thought that, too, but some of these teams have faced Rosario before. I think plenty of these baserunners run scouting reports be damned. Sorta like sliding into first

            1. Mmm hmm. Barfield was still getting 15+ assists after 5-7 years in the league. His arm was well known.

    1. How much of that do you think is attributable to pitchers worrying about strikes catching too much of the plate?

  2. If I was superstitious, I'd take the blame for this. As I'm not, you'll have to find another whipping boy.

    (I vote hj.)

      1. He has 6 strikeouts in his last 4 1/3 innings pitched over his last 4 outings, so it hasn't hurt his K rate. Could be just rust from time off and not being able to go on a rehab assignment.

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