53 thoughts on “2015 Game 156: Minnesota Twins vs. Cleveland Indians”

  1. Milone is starting tonight? I thought it was going to be Hughes. If Milone's healthy I'm okay with it, I just never heard anything about it.

  2. Fun fact:

    As DW observed in the recap to Game 153, Eddie Rosario currently has more triples than walks. Only 19 players have qualified for the batting title and finished the season with more walks than triples. Of that cadre, Pirates right fielder Chief Wilson hit the most three-baggers: an astounding 36 triples in 1912. He walked 35 times that season.

    The only player to achieve this feat in the modern era is Garry Templeton, who is also the only player to do it twice. Templeton finished 1977 with 18 triples & 17 walks, and 1979 with 19 triples & 18 walks.

        1. I know that I've mentioned it several times, but I've seen TC put on quite the hitting display after home games at the bullseye.

  3. Gladden says Milone has gotten the benefit of calls Kluber has not gotten. I have no idea if that's right, but it seems unusual for an announcer to say his team is getting the breaks on ball-and-strike calls, whether it's true or not.

    1. I haven't been able to pay close enough attention yet to say one way or another, but perhaps gladden is persuaded by all the hard hit balls off of Kluber?

      1. I recently got Sirius/XM in my car, and with as much driving as I've done lately I've heard a lot of different announcers. It's easy to make fun of Dazzle, but we could definitely do much worse.

              1. I've been using the radio feed for games and I'm finding dazzle and Provus to be imminently more listenable.

                  1. Exactly, and I attribute that all to Provus (and perhaps a smidge to Attaboy). He's immeasurably better at extracting info out of Dazzle and is smart enough that Dazzle knows not to spout nonsense. Also, their seemingly genuine like and respect of each other shows. I love that goofy laugh of Provus'.

                    1. Back when Gladden was just starting as a broadcaster, I always thought he was better when paired with Herb than when paired with Gordo. So I suspect that Provus does have an influence.

                    2. I really don't have much of any experience listening in the Gordo days, but I'm definitely finding Provus to be an excellent listen. He's got a very solid voice.

  4. I may never be really comfortable with Boyer, but he's probably the best choice we have in this situation.

    1. I can't say I'm particularly comfortable with Fien, either, but again he's probably the best choice we have. Right now, I don't know that I feel very comfortable with any of the Twins' relievers.

  5. That bullpen that I don't feel comfortable with pitched 3.1 scoreless innings and only allowed two baserunners. Good job!

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