42 thoughts on “Monday playoff games!”

  1. KC offense is really struggling against Houston pitching. Appears only Zobrist currently above .300 for the postseason, while Astros have 5/9 guys in the game right now hitting over .300.

  2. Holy crap, Astros are just teeing off on the Royals. Not looking good for the blue boys.

  3. This year marks the third season where Drew Butera was one hit away from batting over .200. He still hasn't done it over a full season yet.

    1. And he had the best at-bat of his career to work a walk and bring up Alex Gordon with the bases loaded. And this is because Yost stubbornly continues to bat Escobar leadoff.

      1. Booooo.

        They have many years of success ahead of them. Lengthening their learning curve sounds good to me.

        1. 230 homers this year. Nobody with 30. I love true outcomes teams.

          That said, I also love speed/defense/bullpens. Go Royals.

          1. I'm legitimately bummed that the two teams I would root for most out of the AL are stuck playing each other now instead of for the pennant. It's fair to say I'm rooting for the winner of this one to go all the way.

            1. Really, this is where I'm at as well. Nothing against the Royals, I'll be cheering for them next round if they go. I'm just really falling in love with this young Astros team.

              However, when the Astros play the Twins next year in the ALCS, they will be my greatest nemesis.

              1. and I'm rooting for the Jays. More than speed/defense/bullpens I just really love offense. And Canada

  4. Not to often you see the No. 9 hitter get walked and you wonder if he was being pitched around, especially when the leadoff batter bats from the same side.

    1. He warmed up in yesterday's game. I thought it might be a bullpen session but to see him pitch today's game was strange. The Jays wanted must have wanted Stroman to pitch game 5 all along.

  5. Something got into the bats today. 9-6 Royals, 8-4 Blue Jays, 8-6 Cubs, and 4-3 Mets by the bottom of the third.

    1. I think we're going to see more of that as we get deeper in the playoffs. Managers don't trust starters at all and seem to be out-thinking themselves on match-ups. Relievers might have their normal rest, but I guarantee they are pitching under more duress than they do on a consistent basis during the season, so they are getting worn down quickly. I also think managers can sometimes send the wrong message when they use relievers earlier in games than they're used to. It can create a panic effect and pitchers will either overthrow or start to nibble instead of attack.

  6. Good thing there was no deuterium near the ball Cespedes hit. Might have caused a singularity.

  7. Announcers should just steer clear of the Utley/Tejada collision because at this point, they can't see out of their hole.

  8. Cal Ripken to Joe Torre: GOML.

    Apparently going in to second with the intent of causing a collision is "just baseball" to Cal.

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