31 thoughts on “Games 5 NLDS Mets at Dodgers”

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            2. I haven't seen that one.

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  1. TBS pops up a graphic that shows the home team wins Game 5 56% of the time. The announcers comment that's not much of an advantage. It isn't, but the MLB average is 54% so there is an improvement.

      1. Unfortunately for cheaptoy, all those years of futility by the local nine in Ruth's house clouded his judgment.

        1. He still did eliminate much of the citizenry. bS, CoC, free, nibbish, punman, myself, and Zack all have Toronto winning it all but picked the wrong NLCS winner and have fewer points so we're done. Rhu_Ru has the same remaining teams but fewer points so also eliminated. Finally, The Pirate, Jeff, and spooky have Toronto as winning the ALCS but an eliminated team winning NLCS and WS so they're also eliminated.

          I think that leaves three people that can outright win: AMR, Beau, and rpz. rpz and meat have the same remaining teams but rpz with one more point, so meat is eliminated. Philosopher, hungry joe, and davidwatts have just KC left but fewer points than anyone else with KC left so they're gone too.

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