October 16, 2015: Sour Cream

My preemie is eight. I'm not really sure how this happened; sometimes it feels like the Milkmaid and I were only recently talking about whether we were going to have more kids.

SC is good at absolutely everything she tries, and is a fantastic human. Also, her teacher joked that almost every boy in class likes her. So...there's that to look forward to...

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  1. I'd rather hear Chris Rock than Harold Reynolds announce a ballgame, but relistening to the Toronto/Texas 7th inning, I have to give him credit for recognizing the correct call right away.

    1. Still though...

      Right, but before we get to that, quick aside: After Andrus boots the grounder, announcer Harold Reynolds, whom I dearly love as a person, starts talking about how Russell Martin’s speed forced Andrus to hurry. I want to repeat that in case someone missed it: He credited Russell Martin’s speed for that play.

      I know Harold Reynolds says some crazy things, but what if I told you that Russell Martin once beat Billy Hamilton in a footrace in 2009? Would that surprise you? I mean, he didn’t, I just made that up, but it would’ve surprised you, right?

        1. To that point, there are some runners who look faster than they are, and other runners who look slower than they are. IIRC, Corey Koskie actually made it around the bases pretty well, but he had kind of a loping stride that made him look slow for his speed. I think Mauer is similar--he's not fast, but he gets good reads and has a long-ish stride that makes him look slow for his speed.

          If you're someone who is the opposite--a really inefficient runner with lots of extra movement and shorter strides--you could appear a little faster than you are and infielders might react to that by rushing.

          Was that the case with Russell Martin? I'm going to go with doubtful, but only Elvis could say for sure.

  2. I've been slammed at work, but I'm popping in with this quick reminder.
    WGOM: TNG Mini-Caucus*
    date: Saturday, October 17
    time: starting at 9:30 a.m.
    location: Windom Park
    bonus special guests: Melissa from the CdL and her 5-year-old daughter

    *because mini-caucus sounds waaaaaaaaay cooler than playdate

        1. Excellent! I very nearly said "approximately 9:30" as these small humans are inherently somewhat unpredictable. Or the insist on climbing into their car seat themselves, which takes fooooorrrreeeeevvvvveeeerrrrrrrr.

  3. Rugby this weekend at 1PM. I think it's in Eagan again, but no word on that for sure yet. Div4 rugby moves very slowly sometimes.

    1. Hey! I'll be home! There is Bison football at 2:30 (playing S. Dakota, should be a blood letting), but if you are in Eagan, I'll try to stop by and say hi.

      1. Yup, same place at the Eagan Community Center. Link to location of pitch. There's plenty of parking in the lot and along the road.

        It'd be really good to see you, Stick. It's been too long. If anyone else is available, we always can use some fans.

        Bring a lawn chair if you want to sit. And I'd probably recommend a blanket or something, the field is on a plateau so it gets plenty of wind.

  4. I might be available for a lunch in Minneapolis next Friday if there's any interest in a mini-caucus? I don't quite know where my training is yet, so I'll have to figure out specifics, but a late-lunch should be doable regardless of where it is.

  5. I wonder if Lester Munson read this article at the 4LTR. Probably he's too busy drafting up a column about how the Feds still have the upper hand on Barry Bonds.

    1. I swear now that the WNT won the damn thing and the MNT has no realistic chance of ever winning it, I'm more likely than ever to stop watching soccer. I didn't even know the US played Mexico earlier this week until afterwards. Was a time where I would have been pricing tickets and flights.

  6. I don't get the sense that a lot of Citizens play Fan Duel or Draft Kings but I would strongly suggest you stop, unless of course it's your full time job. This article pretty much lays it out how professionals with sophisticated computer models collect most of the winnings over rubes like me and you. It's not in this article but I read another one where it stated that 90% of the winnings go to 1% of the players.


    1. Gotta tell you that I didn't need to be told that this is how it is.

      Also, this:

      Comcast, Fox, Google, Time Warner, the N.B.A., Major League Baseball and the N.F.L. owners Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft have invested in FanDuel and DraftKings. Yahoo is preparing its own entry to the field.

      No, thanks.

      1. Also, I'm pretty sure that Fantasy Sports, which at one time was kind of fun, will eventually suck every ounce of enjoyment that I have for professional sports out of me. I pretty much never watch the NFL, except when in the company of my dad. Even then, I have been BOM. BARD. ED. with ads. I swear, if this is how the NBA broadcasts are gonna be, then I may just curl up into the fetal position and whimper softly until June.

          1. The big advertising push seems to coincide with sites offering games with cash payouts. I think that aspect of fantasy might go away. I think it's really hard (or impossible) to argue that DFS for cash prizes is meaningfully different than betting on horses.

            But it will surely live on in other forms, and Google's investment suggests to me that they think DFS is a good way to sell ads, which will probably be true regardless of whether there are cash prizes. 99.99% of all video gaming is based around people playing games for points or victories without cash prizes, so I'm sure DFS can live without the cash prizes, but it's more profitable to run a casino than a video game company, so I assume they'll fight pretty hard to keep the cash prizes.

        1. I got free box seats to last nights 'ain't s game, and I was shocked with how much in game advertising there was. Everything was an opportunity to throw an ad in our faces, and yet the seats were 160 bucks a pop. Crazy expensive to be shouted at all night by advertisers if you ask me. Also, blood sport.

          1. Yup. The aural assault also explains why so many fans drink so much.

            Live attendance at NFL games really is a subpar experience for the average fan who just wants to watch the game.

        2. I feel like I get at least two daily fantasy ads during every podcast I listen to, plus all the ones on TV during actual sporting events. Just the number of commercials made it seem pretty sketchy to me even before all this came out.

    1. The only bad part was swinging at the ball in the dirt on the first pitch. The second was a strike that he swung and missed at. The third was a pitch that started in the strike zone and dropped out, which is the most effective way to get a strikeout against even the best hitters. Kendrick obviously was guessing fastball on the first pitch and didn't get it. There's a reason that guy is a closer for the Mets. He has nasty stuff and Kendrick had a real hard time seeing his slider.

      1. Didn't the first pitch start outside the strike zone, too? I think it's okay to hope you can jump on a first-pitch fastball against someone so good, but you've got to have some discretion about it. But I agree with your main point. After Kendrick gifted Familia strike 1, it was basically a formality.

        1. Definitely. That first pitch was awful. Nowhere close. He was guessing and going to swing no matter what. I just didn't think the entire at-bat was that bad and I seriously doubt any Dodger fan would have remembered it if it hadn't been dissected in the article. I think the 6 strikeouts with runners in scoring position will be the ones the Dodger fans will be thinking about instead.

  7. Do the celebrations in baseball seem pretty over the top to anyone else? The Cubs have had 3 huge alcohol-spraying celebrations and they have yet to do anything that you would actually want to put on a T-shirt. ("2015 2nd WildCard Champs! Woo!!") It used to be you had to win your division and then you started in an LCS. These playoffs have now just gotten to that point. Of course, before I was even born, you would win your league and go straight to the World Series. I don't mind teams celebrating, but it just seems so over the top.

    1. I don't know, I think it looks pretty fun. If I could afford it, I'd totally celebrate mundane crap by spraying cheap wine and beer.

        1. Darn it, I could have made this happen if the conversation had taken place 3 hours earlier! AMR, I was carrying a bottle of wine when we saw each other at the end of the day today.

    2. That's some serious GOML talk. Life is short, and some of the players aren't even guaranteed to be on the roster for the next stage of the competition. And if you take the long view, some guys toil away for years in the minors and getting the 2nd Wild Card might ultimately be the biggest team accomplishment of their careers. I'm not going to tell them to tone it down.

      1. I think sports are more fun for the viewer when you can tell the players are having fun, too. Part of the reason I watch college football but not the (admitted) pros is everything NFL os always such Serious Important Business.

          1. One thing I noticed about that clip is that there was no waiting around for a review. Rashad makes the catch. Game over. Celebrate. No flags, no multiple angles, no refs stuck in a camera. Refreshing.

  8. So, I have been in the new job for six weeks. In the past seven days, both of the managers who report to me have given their notices.


      1. Probably true.

        In this case, I had two managers with, let us say, suspect managerial skills. One of whom had serious problems with MY boss long before I got here (and with his predecessor, and his predecessor's predecessor). So while I might take some small credit for them moving on, I'm probably not much to blame. 🙂

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