Bacon (+) scallops on a pink salt stone

Spoiler alert: This shit is pretty great. I wouldn't go out of my way to spend the 50(!) bones that williams sonoma charges, but for 15 bucks at trader joes... yeah baby, you betcha.

2015-10-24 17.44.49So, it's a large hunk of salt, and they say you can cook on it. I 'tempered' my stone by placing it in a cool oven, and then gently raising the temperature by 50 degrees every 45 minutes until I had the oven maxed out (broil = 530˚ at casa de carne), and then allowing the block to cool in a closed oven for 5 ish hours.

When I was ready to cook dinner, I put the salt block on the burner and set the gas to low. I've read enough about this to know that you should bring the temperature up slowly, so I gradually increased the heat until I was at full tilt (about 45 minutes of heating total)

2015-10-24 19.53.33











Meanwhile, I wrapped 4 sets of scallops in bacon and skewered them for ease of flipping. As you can see, the salt block is definitely hot enough to carbonize anything touching the surface.

2015-10-24 19.57.44











I had a bunch of scallops to cook, and these were large enough to just sear and serve. The bacon wrapped version were smaller / abused at the market, and were in need of a little fat to ensure they were moist and tender.

Everyone on the interwebs familiar with salt slabs say the same thing regarding clean up ---> let cool, scrub with damp scour pad, dry with a towel, and store in a dry place. This holds up, though it'll be more interesting to see how the rock looks after multiple cooking / cleanings.

The end result was a perfectly seasoned scallop. I'm totally impressed by the finish, and at 15 bucks from trader joes this cooking utensil is totes worth the price of admission.

6 thoughts on “Bacon (+) scallops on a pink salt stone”

  1. Very interesting. I'll probably try to find some other recipe ideas, then may hop on the bandwagon as well. Thanks for the after meal update.

    1. Well, no there wasn't s problem getting them to release because bacon. Actually, the first scallops I cooked released quite easily without any aid.

      This certainly won't be a tool I use in the summer as it significantly heats up the kitchen.

  2. Man, I'm kind of a sucker for good scallops. Bacon don't hurt neither.
    Good stuff, Meat.

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