29 thoughts on “Fridays, Man”

    1. They're not particularly your style, but I doubt you'd hate them.
      I think they have a high ceiling: They could wash out immediately, or they could get overexposed nationally.
      Here's music.

      1. I heard a Bad Bad Hats song yesterday and liked it well enough to be inclined to check out more of their music.

  1. There's a bunch of international friendlies on today. I had to turn off the Czech-Serb match because the crowd started doing the wave. Ugh.

    Watching Belgium-Italy now and my goodness, the Belgian kits are all sorts of awesome.

    1. Some bad shit, man. I was watching that soccer match at the time, too, but wasn't paying close enough attention.

  2. There's a truck down the block from my parents' tonight with the personalized Minnesota license plate: nibbs

      1. Western Illinois is the only non-miltary team to use a military nickname. They are the Leathernecks.

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