42 thoughts on “December 8, 2015: The Clippers”

  1. I had my first 500 series of the bowling season yesterday. 182, 176, 165 for a 523. Not many strikes, but for some reason I was having a really good day at picking up spares.

    1. Nice. I think I have three 500 series in my life. I throw a straight ball, so strikes require more luck than your typical bowler. But if you can just pick up the spares you'll get good scores. Open frames are killers.

        1. Do you regular bowlers own your own ball? I bowl infrequently enough to have one, so I'm stuck with the lanes' balls. I have fairly large hands, so to find holes big enough for my fingers I need a heavy-ass ball, which I can't really control. The appropriate weight usually has holes I can't get in. I usually end up with a ball the right weight and just either palm it or put just my middle finger in and look like Spider-Man.

          1. Even though I haven't actually bowled in about five years, I still have two balls. One is a bit straighter "straighter" and the other hooks more, later, so I was able to adjust to lane conditions. It's real nice having a ball that fits your hand, and I bet you could find a pretty cheap one.

            (I also have a stylish pair of shoes: black with shiny blue trim.)

          2. The ball I have used to be my dad's. We apparently have about the same hand size, so it works pretty well. And I also have my own shoes.

          3. I have my own ball, shoes, bag. I got the ball when I was in a league. It's been gathering dust for years, but it's so nice to have stuff that fits when I do go.

          4. I was sick of trying to get used to a new ball each time (I hook), but didn't play enough to justify my own ball. Solution: thrift stores. They always have a few balls and bags lying around. Found one with a good weight that fit my fingers and got a bag for a cool $5. My ball's name is Rosalie.

            1. It's also reasonably cheap to have a ball plugged and re-drilled., so thrift store/garage sales are a fine idea.

    2. Very nice.

      I miss bowling. I developed a hook by going completely against the coaches' recommendations and would hold the ball in such away that my wrist was twisted, then when I released the ball, my wrist would turn back to normal and I'd get a hook. It was unorthodox, but it worked for me. Later, when I got a ball that was made for hooking, I had a much more natural throw. Unfortunately, that ball broke because I kept it in the garage through summer/winter/summer/winter, and when I went to bowl with it, it cracked right in half :-(.

      I haven't bowled regularly in years. I often think about doing a league again, but all my bowling friends are back in STL, and there just doesn't seem to be time or money to fit it in to my schedule.

      1. not a problem anymore, what with balls made with titanium core and carbon fiber with stealth properties, 802.11n, and Lego compatibility -- we live in amazing times!

  2. I'll post again because I think it got lost in the weekend shuffle:
    Any suggestions for online retailers of twins shirts, specifically shirseys. Just wondering if there's anything cheaper than the team store.

    1. You can find the more popular players on Dicks Sporting Goods and Lids and stuff like that, but it seems like it's going to be easier to get what you want through the team store?

      1. don't live in town. I can get a lot of Cubs and Cards gear where I'm at. But Twins, nada

      2. Fansedge.com

        I've used both with good results. Look for clearance items and sign up for discounts.

        1. Thanks! Used Fansedge.com, which had a couple coupons and got a pair of Sano shirts for about 23 a piece.

          Yes, one for her, one for me.

  3. I only managed 2 from this week's Invisibles Quiz. I feel like most of the others seem like distinct enough pictures that someone would get them, but evidently I am not that someone.

    '3, 4' SelectShow
    1. ' can't believe no ones gotten 2 yet ' SelectShow
      1. I seem to have blocked that one out of my memory. 1 and 2 are a couple movies that I thought I should/would like before watching them, but HATED instead. Super low ratings on the Joe Posnanski movie rating system for me.

        1. I haven't seen #1, but I thought 2 would be so bad it was good based on my friends descriptions of it, but it didn't even have that going for it.

  4. 'Yotes and Jacks win at The Barn in the same week. The Goofers have mastered the art of the pratfall.

    1. Being a Minnesota (men's) sports fan is tough. Sure Cleveland has it worse with their professional teams but at least a Clevelander can fall back on Ohio State. We got nothing and our University teams in the two big sports makes our professional teams look palatable in comparison. Ugh.

      1. Fargo sportswriter. They expected Gophers to get beat, held story because of it.

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