December 9, 2015: Organization

I have a lead on a promotion in Minnesota, but the store in question is horrible at getting back to me despite needing someone with my exact skill set. It's kind of amusing watching them fumble about, but it doesn't make me eager to work there.

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  1. It's not Friday, but I've never had the chance to ask this before:

    Hey Rhu_Ru, have you checked out the new ELO Jeff Lynne's ELO album yet?

        1. That's right! Here's the video for the first track on the album. It's pretty cool, but kind of bittersweet given the dynamics of the band in the last few decades.


      1. I felt it was a little light on the Orchestra part.

        I'd love a new Wilburys album, but it wouldn't be the same without Lefty & Nelson.

    1. "Dave Stewart the pitcher" Dave Stewart? *Googles* We'll I'll be, it is that Dave Stewart. I had no idea.

      1. He's on TV all the time here, so I was definitely aware. He seems to be pretty popular, but I don't frequent any Diamondback sites like this one, so I'm sure I'm missing a lot.

    2. Hadn't heard anything (wasn't paying attention), so I did a quick search.

      The first two articles I read: "DBacks trade Touki Toussaint, last year's 16th overall pick, to the Braves for about $10 million in salary relief..." and "Braves rob Diamondbacks in Shelby Miller trade"

      I agree with whiffers ... Given a choice, I prefer TR's unflashy processes to the "swing for the fences with eyes closed" methods Stewart seems to employ.

      1. Going for it all can help you go for it all. But with how much parity there is and how long the playoffs are, it seems going for it all at best can guarantee you a playoff spot.

        Sam Miller of BP posits that where it used to be that rich teams would mortgage their prospects for stars, now it's the middle market teams like the D'Backs who mortgage their prospects for stars, much like Toronto did last year. I'm glad Terry isn't doing that yet. While the Twins may be less likely to win it all with this method, they're more likely to stay out of years of futility. That said, they just got out of 4 years of that,

        1. RE: Going for it all - under the title: Who is the mystery team pursuing Jose Fernandez?
          by David Schoenfield

          The Los Angeles Dodgers, Arizona Diamondbacks and New York Yankees have all spoken to the Miami Marlins about Jose Fernandez, according to Jayson Stark's report.
          Let's consider the possibilities:
          5. Minnesota Twins. No, they're not going to trade Miguel Sano or Byron Buxton, which means the Marlins would want pitcher Jose Berrios, who had a 2.87 ERA between Double-A and Triple-A with more than a strikeout per inning, and outfielder/first baseman Max Kepler, he of the .416 OBP in Double-A. The Twins could also include Trevor Plouffe, allowing the Marlins to shop Martin Prado or move him to left field. Sano then slides into his natural position of third base instead of being forced into the outfield. The Twins haven't made a splashy trade or free-agent signing in years. Maybe it's time.

          Umm ... no thanks?

      1. I told the anecdote about your recent search & sighting of the Townsend's Solitaire at a meeting this morning. It was in response to someone who caught me looking out the window at a pair of male northern cardinals and asked if I was a "birder."

            1. ....friends.... ? Really?
              Wait, is my wife cutting onions at this hour? *Checks kitchen* Nope.
              Must need some new contacts.

  2. I meant to say this yesterday but forgot: I would love for a WGOM bowling caucus to happen at some point.

    That said, I realize some of the most avid bowlers don't live in Minnesota, and I'm not sure how to fix that. Can you please all just move here?

    1. Well the Dakotas Conference of the United Methodist church does share a bishop with the Minnesota Conference, so I suppose you never know.

      1. We're the same denomination! We could discuss John Wesley while bowling! And drinking grape juice! Or . . . uh . . . something like that.

    2. Minny bowling options would direct us to Bryant Bowl at 810 W. Lake St.

      All bowlers must wear socks. Here is an idea from the locals:

      BLB Crazy Bowl
      1) ONE EYED JACK. Turn around twice, cover one eye with hand. Bowl immediately.


      3) OPPOSITE HAND. Uh, use the hand you don't normally use.


      5) FOOTBALL CENTER. Yes, bend over and hike. Careful, don't loft the ball, just roll it.


      7) KNEE BOWLING. Get on your knees and bowl.


      9) SLOW BOWL. Toss the ball as gently as possible while still knocking down the most pins.


      1. That's the only Hall of Fame I've ever been to. I didn't get to spend as much time there as I'd have liked, but it was a lot of fun.

          1. Oh, I have no doubt about that. It's on my bucket list (in fact, it may be the only thing on my bucket list), but probably not any time soon.

            1. Glad to hear it's on the list. When I think of people who I think would enjoy the hall, you're towards the top of the list.

              1. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. I'm not at all a fan of the voting process, how the votes are covered, how people react to the votes, all that drama that surrounds the Hall. But once you're inside and getting to be face-to-face with so much history, that all fades away.

  3. We may be buying a new TV tonight. The wife has it on 24 hour hold from yesterday, a returned unopened 55" Vizio E-Series Smart TV, a $600 list price that we'll get for around $300 after all the wife's discounts. In other news, Mrs. Twayn spoke with a recruiter from a local bank about an operations job this morning, and they're going to schedule an interview for next week. Not having to deal with retail hours (and hassles) anymore is a big incentive for her, and it would mean more money, which we need because my raise last year reset our FAFSA family contribution by almost a 1-1 correlation (go figure). Fingers crossed.

    1. Well, the TV part worked out, now for the new job and evenings, weekends and holidays together again. I'm pretty impressed with the picture on this TV, can't wait to watch TWINS BASEBALL!! on it.

      1. What TV did you have before? The Vizio E-series is certainly one of the lower-end TVs I carry at a large size (some of the low-level Samsung 4K TVs are definitely worse, however). Though for $300, the value is certainly there.

        1. If you don't work in a store with a huge wall of really good TVs all day long, having a lower end TV at home is pretty OK. I've bought a couple of inexpensive 46" TVs and they are plenty fine. Probably look terrible against the $2K TVs though.

          1. This is true. Ours is old and ghosts and looks posterized a bit .
            I'm never sure if it's the TV or the internet connection.
            Still, for $0 (hand-me-down), it's pretty good. Way better than the giant CRT it replaced.

          2. I've found with technology, it's fine to stay with the generation one behind the latest. For instance, we have a PS3. I got it right after the PS4 came out. Sony still makes games for it and offers updates and the graphics and everything are still great. But the games for it, especially the used ones, are quite cheap. I think if you avoid the latest thing, you avoid the huge markups on them.

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