21 thoughts on “December 21, 2015: Outweighed”

  1. One of the good parts was seeing The Force Awakens, but I suspect we should save that for the movie day post, which is totally going to happen today, right Spooky?

    1. Since I'm always months, if not years behind on these things, I finally saw The Martian (finally made the $2 theater down the road). I did... not like it.

  2. NBA outlier update (plus the local five).

    Basketball-reference projects GSW at 67 wins, PHI at 68 losses, T-Wolves at 36 wins.
    538 projects GSW at 70 wins, PHI at 71 losses, T-Wolves at 29 wins.
    Teamrankings.com projects GSW at 71 wins, PHI at 70 losses, T-Wolves at 32 wins.

    Beginning of the season projections (ESPN) GSW 60 wins, PHI 63 losses, T-Wolves 25 wins.

    All time records: 72 wins, 73 losses.

    Obviously, 538's model is much less conservative than the B-R model and they don't like the Wolves much at all. But, we've seen how their models (relatively speaking) hate Wiggins and Towns, so we'll see.

  3. My wife's cousin is from South Korea, and she was over for Christmas yesterday. I told her about our conservation regarding Byung-Ho Park and the naming conventions. Here was her thoughts:

    1. In Korea, everyone goes by their family name first, their first name second.
    2. When Koreans come to America, they know the naming convention here and generally switch it and don't mind switching it.
    3. In reality, his name wouldn't be pronounced Park, Byung-Ho anyway, as the Korean language has a lot of sounds that aren't accommodated by our alphabet. What we see are best, and often crude, approximations.
    4. Obviously, he should be asked what his preference is. But in almost all certainty he'll defer to the cultural practice in the U.S.

    1. I'm pleased that this lines up with my preconception.
      If it hadn't, I'd be sticking my fingers in my ears and going "La La La what does this help if the ideas I don't want to encounter are presented visually?"

    2. Thanks for the update. Maybe one is the journalists will actually ask him his preference so we can know.

        1. The SNB schedule only goes out until July 17. That's all three Red Sox/Yankees series in that time. The remainder:

          BOS @ NYY Aug. 9-11 (Tuesday-Thursday, so the game on the 10th is likely to be on Wednesday Night Baseball)
          BOS @ NYY Sep. 15-18 (Thursday-Sunday, so guessing the 18th will be the Sunday Night Baseball choice)
          NYY @ BOS Sep. 27-29 (Tuesday-Thursday, so guessing the 28th will be Wednesday Night Baseball unless both teams are out of it)

          So here are the teams who are scheduled for Sunday Night Baseball for the first half of the season: Astros, Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Dodgers x 3, Giants x 3, Mets x 2, Pirates, Red Sox x 4, Royals, Tigers, Yankees x 4. So the Rangers and Cubs, 2015 playoff teams, have zero appearances while the 78-84 Red Sox have 4. I loathe ESPN sometimes.

          1. Since the Cubs have had a bonanza of an offseason, its really curious why they have no SNB appearances.
            Are the Red Sox projected to be good next year?

            1. I'm shocked by their omission as well - playoff team from a huge market, great young core, and some big moves to bolster the roster. But hey, got to feed the East Coast crowd.

  4. Saw a relatively snarky comment online that made me snicker (snigger?) ...

    Forbidden Zone-ish SelectShow

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