19 thoughts on “January 9, 2016: Forever Your Girl”

    1. They supposedly had a strong recruiting class for next year (top 20 in the nation and three of their best players are a sophomore and two freshmen, but yeah, it's been real ugly. Not too many major conference schools can count Northwestern among their 5 worst home losses in their history. They stayed with Michigan St. down to the wire the other day, but that's been about it for even decent basketball.

  1. That's exactly as old as Fran Tarkenton was the day Super Bowl XI was played. (It was his last chance for a title, but the Vikings lost).

    Also today...

    Baseball player Joe Mauer is exactly as old as Bill Veeck was the day his foot was amputated (11,953 days).

    Interesting minnesota sports day for me.

  2. This just in: Young Sherlock Holmes is a really terrible film. Terrible script, terribly acted. Even the ten-year old nephew thought it was atrocious.

  3. I got motivated to make more traditional California fish tacos tonight using the America's test kitchen recipe. I'd never done a quick pickling before, but damn, it's a fish taco game changer. The fish didn't get as crispy as I was hoping, but the crunchy jalepenos and onion made up for it.

          1. Bánh mi? It's been far too long since my last.

            If you don't have your heart set on totally authentic, I've got you covered right here – the recipe includes quick pickling carrots & jicama for one of the garnishes. Next time I do this I'm adding a healthy dose of sambal to the chicken marinade.

  4. You don't really appreciate the ability to breathe through your nose until you can't do it. So thankful for decongestants. I can't imagine trying to sleep or eat without it when I have a virus.

      1. I know how I will die. I will have a cold, and choke to death on toothpaste and phlegm while brushing my teeth some morning.

            1. We had dinner guests on Thursday night: college friends of mine, where our wives are now probably better friends than we are.
              I got home from work and they were here. I immediately went to my bathroom to flush out my nose so I didn't have to gag and snort thru dinner.

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