42 thoughts on “February 3, 2016: Snow”

    1. I just got an e-mail from a bank where we still have a small account (that we need to close out... but branch locations make that a challenge, since need to do it in person apparently?), that has a branch in your town, telling us about the fire and it's lack of impact on people who bank with them. That was weird. But kind of cool.

      Glad to see no person was hurt/died. Hard to imagine the shock of so much loss.

    2. Dang. Can't say I remember Madelia's downtown (I think the highway goes around town), but I'm pretty sure I've been there.

    3. Sorry to see that. I grew up close to there, would often play for our community band in a summer parade there, and we'd usually have at least one track meet a year there, too.

    4. I just got back
      Luckily, no one was killed. I think a few firefighters had a tough time with the wind and smoke.
      The skyline (well a skyline of a small town can be) is so empty now.
      The mexican restaurant will be a huge loss. People came literally from 30-40-50 miles to come eat there.

        1. It also needed to be CC so I could include it safely, high enough resolution to use as a featured image, and croppable to the right aspect ratio. The first requirement is the most difficult but the other two did disqualify a few images.

  1. Got an automated rejection from a teaching position yesterday. (Happy birthday!) Email suggests that I'm not qualified, but I should continue to look for jobs that I may be more qualified for on their hr website. I was shortlisted for the position (I know this because I'm friends with a member of the search committee), but lost out to a candidate who's work is really in vogue right now. Their litho department is going to fold because they have no one with experience in the medium on staff, so I'm just going to wait until they sell their presses.

  2. The Invisibles Quiz for this week wasn't up until today, but here it is.

    I managed to get 5 of 8, despite only actually seeing one of them. I'm always a bit surprised how many I can pick based just on ads and previews.

    '1, 2, 4, 7, 8' SelectShow

    [ed: added link]

        1. I'd been driving myself crazy a short time ago trying to find a specific reference that I wasn't able to search because I wasn't getting it exactly right. In mere seconds the Frinkiac finally set my mind at ease. What a magical age we live in.

        2. They need to add a small black outline to that text, then it'll be perfect. Seriously, my only qualm.

      1. Not so good with Burn's German. A miss with Lickspittle: Mein Kriecher sagte mir, dass ich bin nie aufhoere, zu erstaunen.

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