40 thoughts on “February 4, 2016: Today?”

  1. AMR or Hungry Joe, am I responsible for another FMD tomorrow? Can't remember if we were on the hook for three or four weeks.

  2. Series 1 of Topps just came out yesterday; while I like the card designs a lot, this is the second year in a row that the Twins cards have had a dearth of in-game action shots. Looks like more NCIS hiatus.

    There is this insert card, though, from the "Pressed Into Service" subset highlighting position players taking the mound:

    1. Is it just position players pitching? Because a card of Roy Oswalt playing LF for the Phillies would be cool too.

            1. heh, I just noticed that this gif is cut in such a way that, while it's a little jarring, it looks like there's an endless supply of smiling oswalts going into the clubhouse.

  3. Just put my eldest, CER, on the bus by herself for the first time.
    She came downtown with me to see my orthodontist and now she's going home.
    She's old and mature enough for it, but just not very experienced.

    I think we'll have her come to my ortho. I like the guy and her busing with me will beat having my wife drive the whole clan If first-thing appts are hard to come by, I may even have her come downtown herself sometimes.

    She has my wife's phone. I'm so tempted to call and talk her through it, but she can do it.

    1. It's amazing what kids can do if you give them the leeway and a little space. My oldest (just over 12) always wants confirmation that she's doing things right. Her younger sister and brother just go flying into everything headfirst. The difference in styles can be exasperating.

      1. Her younger sister and brother just go flying into everything headfirst.

        Pretty much the same story for us. All of our walls have dents in them.

      2. Yeah, she's definitely mature enough. I just like since I haven't taken her on the bus often, I'm kindof throwing her into the lake to teach her to swim.
        HPR's mature enough, too. But not mature enough to do it with so little exposure. Maybe CER and HPR can come downtown together this summer; big sister showing little brother how to do it.

        It was weird having CER downtown with me. I forget how she almost never gets down here. She was like a saucer-eyed yokel having her first taste of the bright lights.

        EAR brought up a good concern: Truancy.
        Ugh, number one worries about my kids out in the world are law enforcement, just not that they'll get shot or anything.

      1. But then in their 20s, your progeny will just be whiny tow-headed nerf-herders wanting to join the "Resistance".

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