February 21, 2016: First Goodbyes

I said farewell to a good number of people at my store last night. My Sony rep took me to lunch and it hit me that this was it for Arizona. I'm glad I'm going home, but I'll think of this place more often than I thought.

19 thoughts on “February 21, 2016: First Goodbyes”

  1. Michigan State's Aerial Powers scored 40 points and wasn't even the story because Rachel Banham scored 52 !!! But the Gophers lost. Banham now the all time leading scorer in Big Ten womens basketball history, and has a chance to score 3,000 for her career (sitting at 2,921)

              1. I'm gonna have to keep working on this. My attempts to figure this out on my own keep falling short somehow.

  2. I was surprised at how many Wild fans were catching the light rail in downtown Minneapolis early this afternoon. The platform was absolutely packed.

    1. Strib says 50,426 people attended the game. With the LRT close by, I would guess a sizable percentage of the 50,000 opted for the train.

      1. A fairly large chunk of them also descended upon the Mpls Blue Door afterwards because I just barely got my name in before the rush. I always swing by in February for the Lumberjack Blucy (juicy lucy with gouda, bacon, and cayenne pepper on the inside and topped with maple syrup), so I had to sneak it in now just in case next weekend was too busy.

  3. New water heater successfully purchased and installed. Thanks Dad!* I think I could do it myself next time, but needed the help the first time through.

    Saved at least $300 on what it would have cost the plumber.

    *What we owe our fathers is probably somewhere in the realm of incalculable, right? I suppose I'll pay it forward, and so can my kids.

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