16 thoughts on “February 27, 2016: Oscar weekend”

  1. The craziness begins. Junior and Trey are both in Little League this year and on separate teams at different fields. Today, they both have team pictures, Trey at 11:15 and Junior at noon, and then Junior has a scrimmage this afternoon and Trey has practice this evening. We also had a fundraiser breakfast for their school this morning. Can't wait till games start.

    1. I remember when, with four of us playing soccer, baseball, and basketball, my mom had days of putting 100 miles on her van without leaving Richfield.

          1. but, yea, that Jonny Flynn pick. Ugh.

            on the other hand, the Grizz picked Hasheem Thabeet at number 2, in front of James Harden (3), Tyreke Evans (4), Ricky! (5), Flynn (6), and Curry (7).

            1. Oh man, I forgot about that. Although, I think I remember that being more of a hindsight type of dumb whereas Flynn was obviously dumb in the moment.


              1. from nbadraft.net, some LOLz:

                Strengths: Jim Calhoun called Thabeet “one of the most dominant players in the history of college basketball,” and it’s hard to disagree … Had Thabeet returned for his senior year, he likely would have broken the NCAA career-record for blocked shots (he left UConn 118 behind the all-time leader, Wojciech Mydra of Louisiana-Monroe)… Averaged 4.5 blocks per game as a junior, but altered about eight or nine more … Has impeccable timing and athleticism for someone 7-foot-3 … Is extremely mobile for someone his size. Often beats guards down the court … Jumpshot improved considerably in his three years at UConn. Towards the end of his junior year, Thabeet began to take—and make—12-15 foot jumpshots within the offense … Has a soft touch and a good stroke. With some polishing, there’s reason to believe Thabeet can be a consistent mid-range shooter at the next level … Shot just 63 percent from the free throw line, but shoots it with confidence and an excellent motion for a bigman and should be able to increase that number to the mid-to-high 70s throughout his career … Has a good nose for the ball on the boards … Tremendous lateral quickness for a player his size. Can guard smaller players out to the 3-point line … Is a bit stronger than he appears. Overall, Thabeet has a scary combination of size and athleticism that doesn’t come along often … Upside is tremendous.

  2. top pitching prospect Jose Berrios who wowed onlookers at Hammond Stadium. Berrios, ranked as the No. 19 overall prospect by MLBPipeline.com, flashed quality stuff against fellow youngsters Byron Buxton, Miguel Sano and Eddie Rosario while special guest instructors Torii Hunter and LaTroy Hawkins looked on in amazement.

    "He's really talented," said catcher John Ryan Murphy. "What sticks out to me is his ability to correct himself immediately. If he misses his location, he corrects immediately and makes an adjustment. And that's hard to do for any pitcher, especially a young one. And everything he throws moves, which is one of the first things you see."

    What little negative I've heard on Berrios (mostly Keith Law) gave me the impression that Berrios' fastball is too straight, but that's not what the guy that caught him today is saying.

  3. So I finished FAFSA tonight, checked it over, submitted, and THEN realized I'd made a mistake. Gaah. You'd think that with this being the 5th year I've had to fill this damn thing out that I would have it down by now.
    Once you submit, you can't make corrections until the original submission has been processed (~3 business days). Which is kinda stupid.

    every year I get nervous trying to parse through this crap. this year, the twist was that I'd rolled over a pension from a prior employer to an IRA. The IRS Data Retrieval Tool doesn't recognize rollovers properly, so FAFSA's own, double-super-secret instructions (found by googling) explain that you have to manually adjust. (the online instructions within the application itself suh-huck, but elsewhere they have much clearer instructions. WTF? Why can't they link within the app to their own freakin' instructions?)

    I did that, but it still gave me grief, with a "what do you think you are doing?" warning. Oy.

    and then I forgot to include the Girl's 529 account as part of our net assets. Oops. that's the part I have to fix in filing a corrected form. I know better, but the within-app instructions are so crappy that I missed it.

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