12 thoughts on “February 28, 2016: Loose Ends, Tied Up”

  1. Just watched video of Curry's 12 threes. If he had done that in a video game, the kid controlling the Thunder would have thrown his controller and complained the game was cheap.

    1. I still have a hard time believing that the game winner was a pull up jumper. For most guys, that's like a running/lunging heave.

      1. clearly, he's too frail to make it in the NBA.

        wait, what? Did I question his ability to withstand the physical demands of the league when he was drafted? Oops.

    2. Ha! I just watched the replay again and one of the guys on the thunder bench shrugs his shoulders in dejection before the shot even goes in.

    3. I watched the highlights. That was insane, especially after he injured his ankle. I'm wondering if the injury prevented him somewhat from driving to the hoop so he just "settled" for 3s. Maybe his teammates should kick him in the shins before every game.

  2. Quite a weekend. Friday I spent two hours in the chair getting a root canal. The worst part of that was the Novocaine injection into the roof of the mouth. Yesterday my face was fairly sore and a bit swollen but it was so nice out we went to the dog park and played for two hours, then watched some recorded TV from earlier in the week. Today I woke up with even more soreness in my face plus a stiff neck, and tomorrow I get to work all day and then fly to Las Vegas for a conference. I feel like my life could use a little less adventure at the moment.

    1. I feel for you. I've had 3 root canals done over the years. I've been pretty fortunate with little pain or swelling after. Of course, I was in extreme pain before the procedures, so it was a relief just to get the novicaine. Did they give you any antibiotics? My dentist was always careful with that. Pain and swelling was a lot worse after wisdom teeth were extracted.

      1. I had a round of Penicillin that I finished about a week ago. It was hurting pretty good before that, then settled down after the drugs started working. Now I just have soreness in the gums and palate. Advil does a pretty good job with the pain and inflammation, and I've been doing that for two days although I'm supposed to avoid it because I'm on Plavix. They gave me some Vicodin but I've only used a couple so far.

      1. I have a hard time with injections in the mouth because I gag pretty easily (getting x-rays is also hell because of this). I imagine I was pretty tense during the procedure. When it was over my jaws, neck and back just ached. But to be honest, once the anesthetic was working I didn't really feel much more than vibrations. I was ready for the lightning bolt, though.

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