20 thoughts on “March 19th, 2016: Tourney”

  1. That five minute stretch at the end of last night (the UNI and St. Joe's endings) might have been the best stretch of simultaneous games going bonkers since the last day of the 2011 regular baseball season with the Red Sox collapse and Rays comeback in the last two innings.

    1. Agreed! and you want to stretch it back 10 minutes, the Michigan game was pretty close until the end

      1. I switched over to UNI just before the final free throws, then changed over to the Cincy game just in time for the disallowed dunk. Quite a pair of endings.

  2. I really suck at replacing screen door screens. And as much as it sucks, the kids just love pushing on the new one.

  3. We're taking kids to Duluth for Spring Break. World's Lamest Dad.
    But they're just so excited to do anything that we might be ok.

    1. In SF for an overnight with the family for spring break. The Boy and I had pre-lunch at Beach Chalet and lunch at Magnolia while the Mrs and the Girl hiked in Muir Woods.

      Pre-lunch was a taster set plus a half dozen oysters, some fantastic tuna tartare, and a cup of seafood chowder. Lunch was a taster set and outstanding corned beef hash for me, burger for him.

      Magnolia's beer is really, really good. Beach Chalet's was good, but not quite to Magnolia's level.

        1. True that. This was my fourth or fifth visit over the years. Food is excellent too.

          They now have a satellite location called Smokestack in Dogpatch (east of 280 between Mariposa and Cesar Chavez, if that means anything to people). The main location has only a seven-barrel brewing system, so they are hard-pressed just to supply the brewpub. I don't know how much they are brewing in the new spot.

    2. Duluth rocks! - we love going there for a weekender:
      - Donuts and coffee at Brighton Beach
      - Benedict's Tavern on the Lake for lunch
      - Pickwick for dinner (awesome onion rings)
      - Duluth Pack Trading company
      - Sivertson Gallery (there's also one in Grand Marais)
      - UMD's Tweed museum (Chi's watercolor goldfish if you're lucky)
      - Skyline Drive
      - Superior Hiking Trail
      - Grandma's Trike burgers
      - Smoked lake trout at Two Harbors

      1. The new burrito joint (can't remember the name) Burrito Union
        Hiking in Chester bowl
        The brew house (el Nino ipa for the win)
        Sunset on the lake front
        Bent paddle brewing
        The anchor bar (soup town) (get the cashew burger...)
        The breeze inn
        CW Chips
        Zeitgeist movie house
        Park point at night

        Booooo, I'm homesick now.

        1. Gooseberry falls
          Split rock light house
          The alpine slides in lutsen
          Fires on the south shore.
          Ugh. Totes homesick.

          1. Betty's Pies (blackberry cream).
            Steelhead fishing at Knife River.
            Late nite Monte Cristo's at Perkins.
            Smelt netting at mouth of Stewart River (we used to clean them in the girl's dorm laundry sink).
            Thunderstorm on the lake while staying at Cliff Dweller Best Western.

            1. Heh, we cleaned our smelt in goldfine hall's laundry room.

              This isn't helping with the homesickness.

  4. Watching T20 Cricket World Cup (IND vs. PAK) while making lunch (IND just won). I still had some fresh curry leaves, so decided to make:

    Keralan Shrimp Curry
    2 red chili peppers / chunk of ginger / 1/2 red onion made into paste in Vitamix (need to add enough water so that it vitamixes).

    Heat some veg. oil, add 1/2 tsp mustard seeds and 1/2 tsp fenugreek seeds (my first time using these), and 14 curry leaves - you will need a cover on the pan while they pop or it's a big mess - until they are done popping, then add onion paste, let it settle, then 1/2 tsp black peppercorns and 1/2 tsp turmeric. I tasted the result and it's fab.

    Made some Basmati rice (really helps to cold-rinse the rice to get rid of the extra starch), and the shrimp are de-veined.

    Now waiting for the wife to get home before adding coconut milk and shrimps. Plan to serve with chopped cilantro and squeezed limes. Kingfisher beer is part of this process.

    1. I have always added fenugreek seeds to my spice grinder when making spice mix for curries. What are they like fried whole?

      1. Forgot to mention the curry leaves - fixed that. The fenugreek was interesting and different. Exotic. A great recipe.

  5. Did Wisconsin and Pittsburgh really have a game with less than 100 total points? Was it as awful to watch as it sounds?

    It was b-r-u-t-a-l.

  6. Trey's Majors LL Astros won a crazy game last night against the Yankees. It was a battle for first place and the same two teams will be playing a makeup of a rainout tonight, so they were trying to figure out how to win last night and still have enough pitching available for tonight. The Yankees ended up running out of pitching and left a poor kid in there through a long top of the 7th inning (games go 6 normally, but we were tied after 6) and the Astros had 11 runs in the top of the 7th. The Astros were missing a couple players, so Trey got to play the whole game and got 5 PAs. He struck out 3 times, hit a soft liner and walked in the big 7th inning. Little League has a 10-run rule after 4 innings, but apparently it had to be after the entire inning was complete, meaning after the home team batted, which makes no sense to me. The Astros had gotten the last out of the 6th pitching a kid that I don't think had ever even thrown a pitch in practice. He came back in, in the 7th and didn't allow a run, so Astros won 17-6 in extra innings.

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