March 30, 2016: Game Logs

Here's who we've got so far...

Su: Twayn
M: hungry joe
W: spookymilk
F: davidwatts
Sa: nibbish

Home Run Derby: Usually me, but whatevs
All-Star Game: Rhubarb

Probably interested: CoC

Game recaps have been pretty sparse, of course, but if anyone wants to speak up in favor of scheduled recaps, go ahead. Otherwise, I think that's the kind of thing that can be figured out during the each of the logs themselves.

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  1. Wild Playoff Watch: 6 IN A ROW! Edition

    Last night was a good night for the Wild. They won their sixth straight game (this win streak corresponding exactly with the start of Wild Playoff Watch - I am absolutely taking credit for this), they completed the season sweep of Chicago with their 4-1 victory, that makes 5 wins over the defending Stanley Cup Champs this season. Additionally, the Predators and the Avalanche both lost, which means the Wild are now closer to 7th in the conference than they are to 9th.

    7. NASHVILLE - 91 points, 5 games remaining (Magic Number = 2)
    8. MINNESOTA - 87 points, 5 games remaining (Magic Number = 6)
    9. COLORADO - 82 points, 5 games remaining
    10. ARIZONA - 75 points, 6 games remaining (Elimination Number = 1)

    Right now it seems pretty likely that the 8 seed will get a first round matchup with the winner of the Central Division (St. Louis and Dallas are tied at 101 points with 5 games remaining), while the 7 seed will get the winner of the Pacific (currently lead by Los Angeles at 95 points, but Anaheim and San Jose are within 3 points of the top). So nothing is clear about who is going to end up where in the playoffs, but we're getting closer to locking down who will get in.

    Ottawa @ Minnesota - Ottawa has been eliminated from playoff contention this week (as have all the other Canadian teams in the NHL. I'm sure someone somewhere has figured out the last time there was a playoff season with no Canadian teams, but I haven't seen that number anywhere.
    Nashville @ Pittsburgh - Nashville has now lost 2 in a row, while the Penguins are on a 3-game win streak as they try to lock down their playoff spot in the East (Pittsburgh's Magic Number = 4).

    Minnesota @ Detroit - Traveling to Detroit for the second leg of a back-to-back? Not sure I like this. Detroit needs wins too, they are currently 9th in the East but within 1 point of the two teams ahead of them.
    Washington @ Colorado - Washington has already wrapped up the best record in the league (the earliest that has happened since the lockout). So either they have nothing to play for and can't be relied on, or they are a regular season juggernaut that can't be stopped.

    1. Searching for last time there was a nhl playoff season with no Canadian teams returns a Wikipedia page about the 69-70 NHL season with this blurb highlighted in the search results:

      set up the only playoffs in NHL history (as of 2015) to feature no Canadian teams.

      A note about that feat: the NHL has always leaned toward including a lot of teams in the playoffs. In the 69-70 season, there were 12 teams and the top four from each division made the playoffs. There were only two Canadian teams that year and they were both in the same division.

        1. Dad's a big Habs fan. He's not gonna be happy. They've lost more than they've won since Subban's injury, but I don't watch enough to know if that's the big thing to point to.

    2. Maybe it's just me, but I'd rather see the Wild face the winner of the Central, than have to take on the Kings in the first round.

      1. Yeah, but maybe the Ducks will win the Pacific and we could have a playoff series against them.

        (checks history of Wild-Ducks playoff series)

        hmmm, go Blues!

        1. This is true. I hate the late starts. And, also, both the Stars and the Blues have goaltending rotations. I know both Allen and Elliott have been lights out recently. So, maybe, go Stars!

            1. Ya, know, I went to the Wild/Stars v. Blackhawks alumni game prior to the Stadium Series game and I expected those green N jerseys to evoke at least one "Norm sucks!" chant. But one never came.

                1. I agree on the state. I'm not sure I'll ever be completely over it. I was a little disappointed, to be honest.

              1. I so wish we'd been in town that weekend. I reiterate my stance to pay good American currency to have one of these (masks, that is, not a Gilles Meloche. I'm sure he's got better things to do) to hang on the wall

                1. I paid through the nose for four tickets, but I don't regret it. The atmosphere was fantastic I'm glad the kids got to go.

  2. Relevant to the recent discussion on Duffy's repertoire, Fangraphs published an interview with Duffy on his pitches yesterday.

    Seems like describing him a two-pitch pitcher is inaccurate based on how he utilizes his fastballs, but he confirmed he only uses one grip for his curve. If he polishes his changeup he'll have more than enough to succeed as a starter.

  3. Question for Mike and Socal: Do elementary schools in your area provide sunscreen for kids at recess?

    1. No. In fact, teachers are not allowed to apply sunscreen to children even if the kids bring the sunscreen with them. Schools are afraid of allergic reactions I guess.

    2. My kids are still in preschool, so I'm not sure what our public school does. I guess I'll find out in the fall. Our (Montessori) preschool will apply it to the babies and really little kids (under 2) if we provide it, but doesn't put it on the older kids.

  4. Man, I'm jonesing the ballgame broadcasts, but there hasn't been much for local feed lately. Still, the Toronto guy isn't doing a bad job. Voice reminds me of Seinfeld a bit.

    1. I agree, he's doing okay, but I don't understand why there have been so few TIBN broadcasts this spring. I asked on the Twins' facebook page, but did not get a response.

      1. I can only imagine how ecstatic Dick Bremer must have been when Dozier beat out a bunt single.

  5. After some consideration, I think I'm gonna root for bS's local PRORugby team in Sacramento. They've got (to me, anyway) the second best jerseys (Ohio #1) and two players from Metropolis RFC, which is the Metro's most successful club.

  6. Today has been a small world kind of day. One of the engineers in my group lives about three houses away from me and my next door neighbor is the son of one of the sales guys I'll be working with.

        1. I don't believe so. I need to figure out what he does do well, though, so I can barter homebrew.

    1. Heavy Metal Parking Lot, the first viral video. I love the dirtball dirtiness of the whole thing. Thanks for sharing the link, dw. Great article.

        1. You know, it's things like that and the article that have me seriously doubting my irrational dislike for the guy.

          1. Just follow the Drogba Principle. I don't care if you spend $TEXAS building schools and hospitals in Cote d'Ivoire, I still hate you you Chelsea (*#&$.

            1. To be fair, though, I think my dislike of Bosh was just an unfair extension of my utter disgust towards Dwayne wade and the Bosh thing started right after "The Decision".

            2. I get your misguided hatred for Chelsea but Didier Drogba? Dude's a world class citizen.

              1. It's Drogba the Man v. Drogba the Chelsea player. If he played for nearly any other team in the world, I'd have loved the guy. Once he retired, we're cool. He does great things for a lot of people and his example should be emulated. But while he played, I couldn't stand him.

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