35 thoughts on “April 11, 2016: Safe At Home”

    1. I went this early in Chicago once. Weather was about the same. Of course, we were in the 1st row of the upper deck, so the wind was hitting us full on.

      1. The windchill was really brutal at opening day in San Diego the couple times I went. Probably got down to about 65. I was worried the native San Diegans would get hypothermia.

        1. Dude! It was like 65 every morning, year-round near UTC where we lived. I almost always wore a sweatshirt (and shorts) for my bike ride to campus when I was in grad school.

  1. I have a line on tickets for the 25th. It'll definitely be the earliest in the year I've been to a ballgame, by far.

    1. A retired co-worker is going to be in town on May 2 and asked about the Phillies/Cards game that night. I decided to invite the neighbor too, but before saying yes, he got back to me with four free box seats. He has a tire shop, and one of his suppliers must have come through. #winning

    2. I take that back. I went to a game at the old Vet in Philly on their home opening weekend. It was either April 4th, 5th, or 6th of 2003. I don't remember enough details about the gameplay that BR is helping me narrow it down beyond that.

    3. I was offered a ticket for the home opener but decided to turn it down as I'm very busy this week. The cold forecast may have played a factor in the decision, too. I've got my eye on the Thursday businessman's special, the forecast is for 70 degrees and decent tickets can be had for about $25 or less on aftermarket apps.

  2. Have some questions about brisket preparation, made my second one yesterday and the results were a little disappointing. Both have been pretty small flats since I've only been cooking for 3-4 people both times. But the shape of the cut yesterday did allow for me to get some burnt ends from one side, oh man those were like candy.

    Do you...

    Wrap the brisket in foil when it gets in the 150-160 range?

    Use anything (like mustard) to help the rub stick? Tried that for the first time and it seemed to make the rub a little soupy/goopy.

    Also curious to know how you go about cooking it, I did 3 hours smoking it at 180-190 then turned the grill up to 225 to finish it off over the next few hours until it got to an internal temp around 200 degrees.

    1. I follow Franklin's advice and only rub salt and pepper on the exterior. I've found that getting the meat out of the fridge and allowing it to come up to roomish temperature speeds cooking time and also helps with the final texture of the meat. I generally smoke the whole packer cut, but have had some great success laying some bacon over the top of the point to ensure it doesn't dry out. As to the Texas crutch, I've experimented with all sorts of wraps including wrapping it in parchment and then foil, but without fail the bark gets soggy because you're actually steaming the meat. the best solution seems to be tenting with foil so that air can circulate. When I smoke a brisket these days I have a spray bottle of apple cider vinegar hanging around to moisten the meat as it cooks. The vinegar also aides in breaking down some of the connective tissue, which can help get over the stall period of cooking. My brother is convinced that proteins stop absorbing smoke flavor after 140 degrees, and that to continue to smoke is wasted wood and effort. He pulls the meat off the smoker at 150 and finishes in the oven where he has almost exact control of temperature. I almost always cook to an internal temp of 205 with my grill running about 225 degrees, but that's just what's worked for me. I also only have a Weber kettle, and use the fuse method of smoking, which means that i need to turn the meat away from the active part of the fire pretty frequently.

  3. sean/Twayn/others: If one of y'all want to let me borrow that cord, that would be right neighborly of you. Let me know and I'll send you the deets.

    1. Huh. I'd like to know context.

      I'd also enjoy seeing the full quote, since the ellipsis implies that there's at least a bit of the quote missing.

        1. The flyover for the Indy 500 used to peel off right over our house. That was really cool for a young me.

          1. We often get the ones headed to or from the Autoclub Speedway right above our house. I never pay attention to when they have races there, so it's always a cool surprise to see on a random Sunday.

      1. Judging by the stats of what you North Carolinians watch, we feel this punishment is a severe one.


  4. If I've learned nothing else tonight, at least I now know that Curt Schilling is f@"$king annoying.

    1. When he and John Kruk were together on Sunday night baseball last year, I wondered if either of them even like baseball any more.

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