44 thoughts on “Day Game Alert: 2016 Game 9 Sox at Twins”

    1. Early season SSS disclaimer, but Joe's slash line right now is better than in his MVP year.

  1. Buxton hit by a pitch and now Kepler takes over center. Anyone know if it's injury related? Buxton did steal second so maybe injured there.

          1. No, he's been putrid (like just about everyone else!), but I don't want him dealing with another injury on top of all of that.

    1. Twins' official site says he's day-to-day. I assume that means the hand's about to be amputated.

  2. I think I kind of like the Sox radio guys. They're total homers, but they're dry, sarcastic, and spend most of the broadcast busting each other's balls.

    1. Last Memorial Day weekend, I listened to a lot of the Twins-Sox series using the Sox radio guys on satellite radio while putzing to and around Omerha. I agree, they were quite good.

  3. I don't agree with Dazzle that getting fooled by a fake throw to first shows "aggressiveness".

    1. Right. He was saying "you like to see that out of Eddie Rosario" and all I could think of was, "you like to see your players biting on fakes that they tell you to stay away from in little league?"

  4. Gameday informed me there's a no-hitter going on in St. Louis. I open a new tab to take a look and Milwaukee has a hit. Sorry Garcia.

    1. They do have four games against Atlanta this year. Games 100 and 101 at home and 119 and 120 away.

  5. It's depressing that we're down 3-1 and it feels like there's no way we can come back.

  6. yickit - Thursday game logs are mine, but I didn't notice the noon start today. You should have followed my lead... the Twins did.

    But Seriously SelectShow
    1. Also lets do a St. Paul Lunch sometime soon.

      I can work out of there whenever given two days notice.

      1. For sure. Fitting in lunch during session has been crazy, but I think this would be doable - priorities and all that.

      2. I was thinking we needed another lunch soon, too. Unfortunately, in my newer role Fridays are now the day I'm most likely to be out of the office at a hearing.

  7. ~106* times in franchise history have the Twins/Senators had a nine-game losing streak. The Twins have done it 16 times, most recently in 2013, where they did it once with a ten-game streak. In 2011 they did it twice, once for nine games and again for 11.

    * This will count streaks longer than nine games multiple times. A ten-game streak counts as two nine game streaks; an eleven-game streak counts as three. There were too many to remove overlaps in the franchise history and I only did it for Twins' history.

      1. And before that the 2002 Tigers. They lost 11 to start the season. Losses nine through eleven were from the Twins. First team they beat was, of course, the Devil Rays.

    1. The three game sweep at the end of last season makes for a nice bookend, too. 12-game losing streak

      What year was it when the Twins were one of the only teams ever to have a 10-game winning streak and a 10-game losing streak in the same season?

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