155 thoughts on “Game ..um… lets call it 200. Twins versus a team.”

  1. I don't think there's a better option internally than Buxton/Rosario/Sano/Arcia/Kepler/Dozier/Plouffe when those guys aren't hitting. Maybe Vargas can replace Park. But why is Murphy being Castro'd by Kurt Suzuki?

  2. On the replay, you can see that Sano called it... after Nunez had already slid under him.

      1. I understand what you're saying, but I don't buy it. This isn't the same as a ball deflecting off the pitcher's glove. If the shortstop booted a grounder, it went into the outfield, and the centerfielder threw the batter out at second base, you wouldn't give the shortstop an assist. To me, that's more what this is.

  3. I know the batter can't run on a missed third strike with less than two out. That's been the rule forever. My question is: why? Why can he run with two out but not with one or none out? Is that just something that's kind of left over from the early days of baseball and it's not a big enough deal to change it?

    1. from the wiki entry

      The purpose of the "no runner on first base or two outs" qualification is to prevent the catcher from deliberately dropping a third strike pitch and then initiating an unfair double or triple play with possible force plays at second base, third base, or home plate, in addition to putting the batter out at first base. The logic of the situation is similar to that which led to the infield fly rule.

  4. Dazzle has been complaining all year that the Twins are striking out because they chase too many pitches out of the strike zone. Then, after the Pujols homer, he says, "See? Sometimes you have to go after pitches out of the strike zone."

  5. I've been listening for a while. Listened to much of the last game too. They lost last time, and they're losing now, but these past two have felt a little bit better than previous ones, I thought. I'm not exactly optimistic about the game (or the season), but... it doesn't feel quite as pre-ordained as some of the earlier games did.

  6. The Twins are winning, sure. But the Twins are 0-9 and only have a 1 run lead. There was no excuse for Suzuki batting there.

  7. pleaseohpleaseohpleasepleaseohpleaseohpleasepleaseohpleaseohpleasepleaseohpleaseohpleasepleaseohpleaseohplease

  8. I've ragged on Suzuki's defense a lot, but he was really good tonight at preventing a whole bunch of wild pitches. Can't say his framing was great, but I'll take it.

        1. It's an inconvenient search because BR doesn't allow you to search all teams over all years for in-season streaks. So I closed the tab.

    1. I was thanking him for taking that funky rookie lefty reliever out because he was afraid of Suzuki against a lefty. I figured there was like no chance of hitting that guy without him hanging a slider or something.

      1. Let me recap for those who weren't in on our impromptu text discussion ... this is soo good, can't wait for the Wolves to hire Thibodeau, Dickel Rye might be a dangerous starter.

        1. it was very good. Not a huge effect from the espresso beans, but they did add to the overall richness. Went well with the boneless ribeye and ranch beans w/jalapeno I had for dinner.

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