82 thoughts on “Game 13. Brewers at Twins.”

      1. I'm here (makes me happy) and missed a good view of the Sano HR (makes me sad) b/c standing in line for the "good" beer (which makes me happy) which cost me $9 (which makes me sad). But the Twins are winning, so Happy!?

    1. He's only 25! You can't deny the talent! Actually, he's got a career 104 OPS+ Justin Morneau had a career 100 OPS+ through his age 24 season then won MVP at 25.

        1. Thing is, they LOVE little shifts. Move the shortstop over two feet? Good smart baseball. Put three guys on the side of the field that the batter hits 80% of his grounder? BLASPHEMY!

          1. I do think that, over time, we'll see fewer shifts, because eventually more players will learn how to beat them. More players will be taught in the minors to use the whole field so that shifts can't work as well. It'll take a few years, but I think it'll eventually happen.

            1. I wonder what the best young hitters (Trout, Harper, etc al) are trending as. Are they starting to use more of it, or are they just doing their thing and hitting into it sometimes.

            2. Depends on the hitter. A power hitter isn't supposed to hit it on the ground, so who cares. Or hitters like Mauer use the whole field but tend to hit on the ground on one side of the field and in the air on the other. I am really surprised you don't see more bunts for hits when that side of the field is left wide open. Players and coaches alike just don't seem to understand how important it is to avoid outs.

      1. Imagine how much better Ortiz could have been if he'd just listened to the Twins when he was here!

  1. Always great when game day tells me a guy scored from first on a soft single to the pitcher.

      1. Those were my exact same thoughts, only I added how surprised I would have been at a HR from Dozier from the bottom of the strike zone.

  2. Even though it was in out, it was another well struck/hard hit ball from Mauer.
    I dont know if there is a stat for that, but it seems like he is squaring the ball more this year than all of last.

  3. Ish. Bad, bad throw. That might not have been QUITE as easy as they're making it out to be, but it should have been made (or at least not have been thrown into the dugout).

      1. Wasn't quite that bad. Just a very off line throw straight into the dugout advancing both runners.

  4. The last time Phil Hughes walked two batter in a game was August 4 against Toronto. He walked two batters in a game twice last year

  5. Nunez's helmet hit/almost hit the first baseman's foot when fielding the throw. I wonder how long until he gets called for interference.

  6. With Boyer pitcher for the Brewers, I wonder if any Twins batters are now happy they finally get to hit against him.

  7. Umpire waits for after the pitching change and Arcia to ground out to home plate, er, catcher before summoning the tarp.

      1. I missed most of the game as I was bringing the girl up to hockey practice in Wadena, eh? Sounds like they out played the Stars since that second goal in the first.

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