2016 Game 28: Twins at Astros

Phil Hughes vs. Mike Fiers.

I haven't gotten to see an inning of this series yet, as the last few days have been all about moving, unpacking and going through the deepest certification process I've ever been a part of at work. On the upside, the baseball teams I'm missing have a combined 17 wins, so whatever.

Internet will be installed tomorrow and I'll be able to enjoy, or whatever, the team then. Bring it home, dudes.

20 thoughts on “2016 Game 28: Twins at Astros”

  1. Thank God these game logs are done ahead of time, because if they weren't, they'd die on the vine before even getting posted at this rate. #Radke'd

  2. The other night, Jack Morris was mocking Route Efficiency. But if you look at Danny Santana run after balls, you can see where something like route efficiency could pinpoint how many balls he misplays.

    1. You don't need route efficiency to know that he misplays all the plays.

  3. First pitch by Graham is a bases-clearing double. Of course. Doesn't help there are no outfielders.

  4. 19 relief pitchers available and there is probably going to be Eddie Escobar pitching this game.

  5. At this rate, the Astros might be able to get multiple players to hit for the cycle, or some other milestone. Multiple with 6 RBI perhaps?

  6. So often the terrible outings wind up in DL stints...that'll be everybody then?

  7. Official scorer gets to determine the winning pitcher tonight.
    Do you think that's one of those those rare happenings where they enjoy getting to pass judgment on pitcher performance?

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