47 thoughts on “Game 35: twins @ the edge of the yawning abyss”

  1. Now I'm going to have to do the analysis on teams that had two nine-game streaks.

  2. Sounds like Santana had quite an adventure on that one, but at least he caught it.

  3. On Gameday only right now. Twins have had three straight called out on strikes. Is their dugout going nuts or are the Twins so demoralized they're afraid to swing with 2 strikes.

  4. Forced to watch the HOU/BOS game until it ends I guess. It's nice to know it's not just our announcers. One of these clowns just said a great advantage of being the home team is that you're allowed to use your closer in extra innings.

    1. if you have FSN its on that channel. I missed some of the game until I was pointed to that direction.

  5. Danny Santana's route to that baseball looked like this :


    thats not good.

    1. The Twins pitchers have the league's 11th best FIP, so it's not like we can entirely blame the defense, but man it has to be demoralizing to have utter crap behind you.

    1. Twins got their 12th shutout of 2015 on Sept. 13. They have not had one since. Only team in AL still without a shutout. Only other team without one is Cincinnati.

  6. Kyle Crockett has pitched in 6 games and only recorded 8 outs. Thats crazy

  7. coming into today Twins catchers had hit 5 extra base hits

    Centeno has 2 today.

  8. For about 30 seconds at the start of the bottom of the eighth, Provus was sure Kaat had hit 362 home runs.

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