2016 – Game 40: Toronto @ Minnesota

Ervin Santana faces off against Marco Estrada. While both pitchers sport 1-2 records, Santana has managed 29.1 innings over 6 starts with a decent 3.38 ERA and 3.36 FIP, but a 1.50 WHIP, 124 ERA+, opponents batting average of .281 and BABIP of .341 and only 27 strikeouts on the year.

On the other hand, Estrada has pitched 43.2 innings in 7 starts with a shiny 2.89 ERA, a 3.64 FIP, 1.14 WHIP, 141 ERA+, opponents BA of .199 and BABIP of .241 and 41 strikeouts. He's seen only 2.06 runs/9 of support compared to 3.38 for Santana...we'll see how it goes.

The Twins brand has lost it's luster during the first 8 weeks of the season ... more losses than wins, poor hitting, fielding, pitching, managing and roster construction in general resulting in lots of moves in non-competitive season. Moves that appear to be, to borrow a well-worn analogy, like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Hopefully for the long-suffering diehard fans (5 of 6 years of 90+ losses!?) and those youngsters in the stands getting their first taste of live baseball (there's gotta be a few families taking advantage of the dirt-cheap secondary market, eh?) may the home team bring home a win today!

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  1. When Encarnacion "left early" on that 3-2 pitch, he was moving at the speed of a hobbled, one-legged LeCroy.

  2. Russell Martin ripping on Cowboy Joe*for being barely able to throw the ball to the mound when Estrada requested a different ball

    *I'm assugreying that's Cowboy Joe from my seat

      1. Cowboy Joe doubles down and tries to throw a ball to the first base coach for him to give to a fan, and it travels about fifty feet. The coach was quite disgusted.

  3. As soon as they put the replay on the scoreboard, the Blue Jays jogged off the field will before the umpires changed the call. Very amusing.

  4. Going back to last inning, I think the Twins lead the league in runners being called out after the ump reviewed the play and shows the runners slightly coming off the base

        1. Ah, I'm only following game day while hoping my kid has finally given in and gone to sleep...

  5. Rowsdower, Mrs. Rowsdower, and myself are amusedly watching someone try to find "NBA PLAY" on the restaurant TV before finally leaving it back on the game

  6. Jersey/shirsey count:

    Mauer 20
    Sano 3
    Killebrew 2
    Morneau 4
    Thielbar 2*
    Dozier 5
    Puckett 4
    Tulo 4
    Carew 2
    Park 3
    Hunter 3
    Ruben Sierra**
    Thome 2
    Span 2
    Danny Santana
    Encarnacion 2
    Plouffe 2
    Bautista 4
    Adam Lind
    Light Rail
    Ervin Santana
    Cliff Lee

    *sitting together. These have to be the guys with whom CoC, Sheenie, and I partied a few years ago
    ** as a Twin!

  7. Between innings they showed the Har Mar Superstar on the scoreboard sitting with a friend in the cheap seats. I don't think anyone, including the Twins, know who he was.

  8. Anyone want to place wagers on whether Polanco gets thrown out at second base trying to steal?

  9. Guys, I totally just watched the last inning with Moss. Neither of us has any clue what the Twins were doing.

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