61 thoughts on “Game 50: twins @ athletics”

    1. Me too because I was very concerned we were gonna get Rick Sutcliffe, but we didn't!

  1. Bender in the glass. Brats on the plate, sitting on the patio with a light breeze. Ready for baseball.

    What a beautiful day.

  2. I get to watch this game!

    warm, smoked potato salad, smoked green beans, grilled flatbread with goat cheese, tomatoes and basil, smoked tri-tip (marinated in garlic, ginger, light and dark soy, olive oil, chili paste, fish sauce, and rice vinegar). And beer!

  3. That is Crisp's 12th career HR against the Twins, the most he has hit against any other team (122 career HRs)

  4. It'd be cool if ESPN could modify it's strike zone box to match the actual called zone as the game progresses.

  5. Because Dazzle and Provus always bring up this thing about whether Dazzle was any good in day games (I don't actually remember that being a thing when he played, although it could be I've just forgotten). I decided to check his stats in day games. There were years he was worse in day games and years where he was better, but over his career there's almost no difference. In night games Dazzle was .272/.319/.386, for an OPS of 705. In day games he hit .266/.335/.375 for an OPS of .710.

    1. My guess would be that somebody pointed it out to him during one of this bad "day game" years, he justified it in his head, and then never changed his mind.

    1. Dazzle implied that Dozier pretty much bailed on the play and left Escobar on his own.

  6. I know it's a good message and I'm all for it, but there's something about the pre-diabetes PSAs that I find incredibly annoying.

  7. "He's a heater hunter."

    Sac. fly, but runner tags from second? Buxton throws him out.

  8. Give up the .338 hitter to bring up Dozier.

    And Santana is hurt and out. Oy. Who plays CF?

  9. After all is said and done, I think we can all agree that that Nunez bunt will have made this inning.

  10. ESPN announcers loving all these defensive moves by Molitor. good grief.

  11. Can you name the 6 players that have played CF for the Twins this year (this is game 50!)

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        1. Not necessarily. If he doesn't hit right away, it would not be a shock to me to see Grossman in center and Arcia in left.

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