Game 53: Rays at Twins

Kyle Gibson (0-3, 6.10 ERA) comes off the DL for his first start* former starter Phil Hughes comes out of the pen, looking for his first win in over a month (0-5, 6.43 ERA in that span w/ a 0-3, 7.43 ERA in May) to face Matt Moore (2-3, 5.31 ERA).

After averaging 6 runs per game in Seattle, the Twins offense reverted to a more anemic 2.33 runs per game in Oakland. This limited run production will likely continue as their RBI & HR leader, Miguel Sano, has been placed on the DL with a hamstring injury. That being said, Nunez & Mauer (AL Player of the Week for June 29!) the two Twins with higher BA's, OBP's and OPS's are still available. And, in a dozen games with the Twins, left fielder Robbie "Not Rex" Grossman is slashing .359/.457/.667 with 9 RBI's and 8 extra-base hits ... So they got that going for 'em.

The Twins play only 3 road games in their next 20. With visits from Tampa, New York and Philadelphia (all currently owners of sub-.500 records) combined with the Twins record of 4-6 in their past 10, it could be argued that there will be wins at Target Field in the next three weeks. Furthermore, at 15-37, I can assure you that good seats will be available for cheap (though I'd wager the "good seats" will be filled with BoSox and Yankme fans when those teams are here).

*Gibson scratched due to a sore back.

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    1. I mean, it really should be an error of the RF for having the ball clang off his glove
      errors are not called anymore.

  1. Nunez & Mauer (AL Player of the Week for June 29!)

    A very specific prediction there. Easy to check though!

  2. Joe Mauer(1750) just passed Kent Hrbek(1749) on the all time Twins career hit list . Next up, Tony O (1917)

      1. Split PA BA OBP SLG OPS
        0 outs 32 .276 .313 .483 .795
        1 out 26 .200 .231 .400 .631
        2 outs 37 .471 .514 .853 1.366
        1. With a minimum of 30 ABs (Jepsen has 34), he leads the league this year in that split. Pineda is second at .452.

    1. 1.529 OPS with two outs, no one on. .807 OPS with one out, no one on. .733 OPS with no outs and no one on.

  3. I didnt notice until now but every Twins player had a hit tonight. Cool!

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