2016 Game #56: Tampa Bay at Minnesota

First Pitch 1:10 pm CDT

Tyler Duffy (2-4, .457 ERA, 36 K)
Drew Smyly (2-7, .477, 70 K)

Yeah, we suck, but the Rays aren't exactly tearing up the AL East this year, so this has actually been a competitive, dare I say, almost entertaining series. Since this is supposed to be a gorgeous summer day and we haven't been to a game yet and because I found a good deal on StubHub, the wife and I will be at the ballpark for this one, sitting in seats 7 and 8 of row 1 of section 115. The togs of fandom shall be donned. Beer, hot dogs, and peanuts will be consumed, and a Twins victory attained. Or not, we'll see about that last one.

Play ball!

48 thoughts on “2016 Game #56: Tampa Bay at Minnesota”

  1. Logan Morrison came into this series with 3 HRs this year. He now has 6.

  2. yikes

  3. Logan Morrison came into this series with 3 HRs this year. He now has 6. 7.

  4. Man I hope our best hitter for average was trying to bunt for a hit and not sacrificing our best base stealer

    1. I strongly hope so. It was exciting whenever he came to bat and he looked really good today.

  5. Evan Longoria now has 5 career HRs at Target Field.
    He had 0 on Thursday afternoon.

  6. Evan Longoria and Logan Morrison are going to come up this inning and hit HRs.

  7. Those two outs splits for Jepsen are going to climb after this game. amazing.

    1. coming into this game is 2-out slash line was .472/.513/.833/1.346 (39 PA)

  8. Assuming the score holds, the Twins will briefly pass the Braves to be the first with 40 losses. The Cubs are at 39 wins.

  9. How many people have the Twins jettisoned and Jepsen not only still is on the roster, he still is the closer. That's the very definition of insanity. And it's not like he's been a closer for all that long, not even a full season.

  10. Provus was amazing after the second Longoria homer. I was driving back from basketball and the dialogue was said something like

    Provus: They're [Twins media relations] giving us all sorts of stats and facts to use after that homerun, [pause] but none of them are good.

    Gladden: Then don't use them.

    Provus: I'm not. I'm just trying to move on.

    Transcript doesn't do it justice, but he's not too happy with the team's performance.

  11. On the postgame show, Attaboy and Dazzle were talking for the umpteenth time about not hitting with men in scoring position. I'm not trying to minimize that, but five runs ought to be enough to win a ballgame. I think the pitching deserves the bigger share of the blame for this one.

    1. Im guessing they were talking about when the Twins had teh bases loaded with 1 out and scored zero runs.
      They are 0 fer the season when the bases are loaded and two outs.

      1. They mentioned that, of course, but they talked about other times, too. Again, I'm not minimizing it, but they still scored five runs. That should be enough to win.

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