22 thoughts on “June 8 9, 2016: National Best Friends Day”

  1. Take me down to the basement,
    right this way down the stairs.
    We’ll discuss beer and the books we’ve read;
    also what’s cool—most especially bears!

    Let’s study the stats for the home team,
    and laugh when Corn plays Ace of Base.
    For it’s one, two, three cheers
    and more for this half-baked place!

  2. I've now attended 9 games this year. Nolasco has started 5(!) of them, Hughes 3, and Santana 1. Weird.

      1. Yeah, although, he still will be on the DL while he rehabs from elbow surgery, so no guarantees there, but I'm guessing the Sox wouldn't have signed him to a MLB deal without a lot of confidence that he'll be ready this year and probably in the next month or so.

  3. Twins broadcasters attribute the two wins to "doing the little things". It's like they consider home runs morally wrong or something.

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