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  1. The Twins are 7 wins behind Oakland.


    Oh man.

    Does Paul Molitor and or Terry Ryan make it to the All Star break?

    1. It would be very unTwins-like if they didn't, but when you're only two games ahead of the pace of the 1962 Mets, anything is possible.

    2. I've got no problem if they want to keep Molitor for another year or so, considering how well last year went and the crap sandwich roster moves he got this year. But I'm fully in board the Terry-Ryan's-got-to-go train. Be nice to see someone from outside the organization with a better understanding of the modern game get hired.

      1. While there's a good argument that can be made that TR didn't do enough to improve the roster, the moves he did make have worked out pretty well for the most part, at least so far:
        Byung Ho Park has struggled of late and has had an up-and-down start to his MLB career, but that was to be expected. He's certainly shown he has more than enough power and I think has been better than expected defensively for the most part.
        Abad and Kintzler were signed to minor league contracts and both are combining to be co-closers after Perkins' injury and Jepsens' ineffectiveness. There has even been talk of Abad being the Twins' All-Star rep (which is more of a detriment to the Twins' options).
        Robbie Grossman was signed as a free agent after he took advantage of an out clause in his minor league deal with the Indians. Grossman has been the Twins' best hitter since his arrival. That won't last, but he's easily an improvement on Arcia defensively and on Rosario offensively. His .342 career OBP is better than anyone not named Mauer the Twins have used in the first two slots of the batting order.
        The only transaction by TR this year that has not worked thus far is the trade for Murphy. He was certainly bad but it was still only 44 PAs and the trade brought in a young controllable catcher with decent offensive upside, which is something the organization is very short of.
        If anything, I see a roster that has way too many players underachieving. I would tend to lay more blame on Molitor than Ryan. As bad as this has been, there certainly isn't any reason to hold on to either one of them. It's not like it could get any worse. If only 1 goes, I say it should be Molitor, especially since I believe the Twins have good option "in-house" that could take over in Doug Mientkiewicz. I think he could relate better to the young players the Twins need to rely on going forward to turn this thing around.

        1. I think there's more than enough blame to go around. The difference is that I sometimes hear the players accepting responsibility for how the season is going. I have yet to hear either Molitor or Ryan do so.

        2. Yes there is blame to go around but this is a bit of a whitewash SoCal. You also have to judge Ryan by what he didn't do. Everyone knew the the Bullpen was/is a mess and he didn't really address it even though there were viable, affordable bullpen free agents or trades available. He wasn't able to trade Plouffe which led to the Sano in Right Field fiasco. But I think most people are upset about the direction of the franchise with the game seeming to pass Ryan and the F.O. by, no ability to develop players and little recognition by Ryan (and his organization) that he is a big reason why the Twins are in the position they are in.

  2. Just got back from car-camping weekender at Lake Sakatah State Park.

    Had the group site on Upper Sakatah Lake. Friday night rains left the campsite wet and muddy, natch.

    Saturday got in a 6 mi run in on the Trail in the morning, then the temps became rather unpleasant. Visited the Townsend Scientific Natural Area (SNA) just north of the lake (saw some awesome virgin forest - mature red oak, elm, sugar maple, and basswood trees), bloodroots, hepaticas, and some Laetiporus Sulphureus (Chicken of the Woods), but did not collect. First third of the trail to the SNA was mowed, but the rest of the route to the site was tough going (nettles and thistle, mud in the plowed field). I had joked when we first got to the site that there were mud-scrapers by the SNA signs - now I know why..

    In the evening, a huge batch of cormorants flew by our campsite low over the lake - Upper Sakatah Lake (had to be hundreds of them). Later, we saw a pair of Sandhill cranes flying low by the highway, making their characteristic squaking).

    This morning, on the way out, NBBW and I drove over to the rookery on the East side of Sakatah Lake. There were a large number of cormorants, herons, and pelicans thickly populated in the trees on the small islands. Forgot to bring my Steiner binoculars.

  3. We're going to buy a house. I think this is crazy town, but it seems like too good a deal to pass us. The CFO of my institution is flipping a house in a pretty desirable part of a rapidly changing (for the better(i hope)) neighborhood two blocks behind a new whole paycheck. The entire interior was redone this year, so it's basically a brand new home with many, many features that Dr. Chop and I have on our homeowner wish list. The house is small, but it's in our price range and everything is done so that I won't be spending every weekend at the home despot. The CFO is trying to maximize profit, and is asking about 5k too much, but it's a turn key, move in ready house with brand new appliances, water heater, ac, and heat (and no realtor fees means a 6% savings). Plus a new roof was installed last month. I never thought we'd buy a place in New Orleans, but here we are.

    1. Woo! We just signed a purchase agreement five days ago. Mother in law moving in and we're selling two homes. Stressful as all get out but we found our dream home. Hope you found yours too.

      1. It really is. The neighborhood is a bit of an enigma, but then again so is much of New Orleans. We're a bit deeper into the flood zone than we want to be, but there's not much we can do about that and be able to afford the mortgage. Our landlords have been great in that they're not showing signs of dramatically increasing rents, but our monthly outlay will be very similar (and our utilities will undoubtedly decrease dramatically what with new windows, insulation (!), energy efficient appliances, and a single story to heat / cool). I'm totally excited, but I also want to barf.

        Good luck on the selling / moving / settling / staring a new chapter.

        1. I'm totally excited, but I also want to barf.

          Isn't life fun? (Congrats, meat & Dr. Chop!)

          (And Beau!)

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