32 thoughts on “2016 Game 63: Minnesota Twins vs. Los Angeles Angels”

  1. Seems like Jared Weaver has been around longer than 11 years. But maybe I confuse him with his brother Jeff.

    1. And none for the rest of the game. I'm guessing a guy with a funky delivery like his tends to have pretty high splits on K rate for times through the batting order.

  2. I think at The Big A Angel Stadium might be where I've seen the second most Twins games. I don't remember the numbers exactly; the first three places are toss-ups.

    1. Metrodome
    2. LAAA's stadium
    3. old Busch Stadium
    4. Hammond Stadium
    4t. New Busch Stadium
    5. Kauffman Stadium

    I've only seen one Twins game at: Target Field, The Cell, Jack Murphy Stadium, Cashman Field, Charlotte Sports Park

  3. Second consecutive game the Twins never trailed after having previously done it only twice all season. Twins are 4-0 vs. Angels and 16-43 against everyone else.

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