15 thoughts on “Fridays game! Twins playing in Texas”

  1. Also, I feel kind of bad for being absent around these parts lately. Life got really weird (in a good way!) for me.

  2. If Gibson's going to get squeezed like that all night, he's probably not going to last long..

      1. Twisted his knee as he was running down a fly on the warning track. Official report is contusion and day-to-day. I hope so but it looked worse than that.

    1. Molitor was a great bunter and an all-time base stealer. I don't know if he thinks everyone can be just as good as him or if he just can't rein in players doing stupid things.

      1. I remember Tom Kelly saying that about Molitor when he was passed over for Gardy. Kelly said Molitor would notice everything and just couldn't understandcwhy otgers couldn't.

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