25 thoughts on “2016 Game 115: Twins vs Indians — Butt-kicking Edition”

    1. Max Kepler homers (12). Joe Mauer scores.
      Max Kepler homers (13). Joe Mauer scores.
      Max Kepler homers (14). Joe Mauer scores.

      I think it's going to go Mauer-Kepler for a month now.

  1. Come on Mauer. So selfish to homer instead of just getting on base for Kepler to hit the home run.

  2. Delayed review of this game (DVR) ...that was fun!!!
    Also, Max doesn't have as much of a Geman accent as I'd expected; pretty polished speaker though.

    1. His mother is from Texas and his father from Poland. I read he has perfect English and German. His Polish might be there too.

      1. So he's not precisely German, then 🙁
        Still, I think he should have a banner. I was going to get on that one of these days...

  3. A three-homer game is unusual enough. How many times has a team had one player hit three home runs and another hit two triples in the same game? Seems like that wouldn't have happened very often.

    I hope this was a glimpse of the future. We're still on track for 98-64!

    1. In Twins history, 3 home runs has been done 5 times while 2 or more triples (record is 3 by Span and Ken Landreaux) has been done 30 times, so definitely not as rare, but it looks like it had never been done in the same game as a 3-homer game in Twins history. It's notable that 2 of the 3-homer games and 3 of the 2-triple games all happened in 1963.

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