August 2, 2016: 2016 Prediction Spreadsheet

For anyone who missed it when I threw it out on Sunday, here it is.

The Twins did ____ prior to the trade deadline.

  • Okay (60%, 9 Votes)
  • Well (40%, 6 Votes)
  • Poorly (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 15

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110 thoughts on “August 2, 2016: 2016 Prediction Spreadsheet”

  1. Thirteen of fourteen Citizens making predictions for the 2016 season chose a Twin as their ROY. None of these choices were Max Kepler.

      1. He has 3.7 rWAR and Kepler is at 2.2 rWAR. He has a shiny ERA but the FIP is a run higher. If he can keep the ERA shiny enough then the ROY is his to lose.

        1. Tyler Naquin also doing well for the Indians. He's leading in fWAR at 2.6, ahead of Fulmer (1.8) and Kepler (1.5). However, Kepler is walking more and striking out less than Naquin and has the sign ISO. The difference is that Naquin has a .439 BABIP and Kepler is at .262, so Kepler would seem likely to make up ground on Naquin.

  2. Any interest in a WGOM league for the Premier League fantasy league? I think last year was just Magoo and I, so I'm not planning on creating another one unless a few more want to join.

    1. I didn't even do fantasy, just the prediction contest.

      Which I should get up and running again soon.

      1. Hey, maybe I can lose on the last day again and feel a little irked about it before realizing that I never really had the slightest clue what was going on and all my picks were based on ten minutes of googling.

            1. There's an HTML query in there. If the site has reset the standing fit the new season, the old one is borked. I'll try to remember to go hard code those and that should fix it.

    2. I just don't have time and energy to go any fantasy league. I will for sure do the EPL predictions.

      Anyone going to Chelsea-Milan tomorrow? I'll be there. Also sounds like there's a big Chelsea thing tonight at Brits. I think I may go. Let me know if interested.

      1. “Every time I put them on, I am conscious of the fact that I am now being disobedient in my marriage,”

        Thoughts: 1. Slightly more irritated at the whole premise than I was expecting.
        2. What am I supposed to wear? I like to carry things, and nobody should have to see my thighs.
        3. Awfully condescending, ain't it? I'd get stabbed in my sleep if I was found to be disposing of the PJs and sweats my loved one prefers because I found them insufficiently flattering.
        3.a. Tangentially related, these have been popular lately. With the loved one. Not me. Again, nobody should see my thighs.

        1. 4. At times for me the question is: Cargo shorts or bring a bag? When it's warm enough for shorts, backpacks are very hot. So: fanny pack or cargo shorts? Cargo shorts always win.

          1. Dr. Chop has been on a tear lately. I've lost several punk rock t-shirts (I haven't worn since ... the early 00s) in the last few weeks. We've been apart for several days and I'm sure that I will have more rags and fewer tshirts.

            1. I've got a bag of old concert tees. Maybe someday I'll make a quilt or something.
              I've pulled a few out to wear in the woods to her consternation when she has to see them.
              It's usually Breeders: Last Splash (misprinted: the cover art is too high and off center).

            2. Getting rid of my rock and roll t-shirts would be grounds for divorce in my book. It would be part of the pre-nup.

          2. My wife only gets insistent if things have large holes in them. The only time she demanded I get rid of something was some really old, gross pillows. She's good for me.

        2. Heh, yeah, I definitely got way more annoyed by this article than I probably should have. Could be because I only wear cargos, be they pants or shorts.

          Also, this line seems offensive to both men and women :

          “It’s a reflection on me, like ‘How did she let him out the door like that?’ ” she said.

    1. At Wal-Mart , a pair can be bought for $8.50, while Neiman Marcus sells linen cargo shorts for $995 a pair.

      well then.

    2. I'm at MSP and whatever news program they pump into the airport just had a segment about this article. I'm wearing a pair of 'acceptable' cargo shorts today as they were the last bit of clean clothes. As the segment went on the woman next to me glanced over and smirked at my cargo short pants. This exchange was pretty hilarious to me.

      1. I don't own cargo pants, but shorts? Hells yes.

        the Roommate and I just had an approving conversation about cargo shorts on the 4th of July. I figure, if they are good enough for two Pulitzers, they are good enough for me.

          1. I bought my first pair of cargo pants before I went to Alaska last summer. They're entirely for being in the woods.
            Great for having a pocket big enough for a compact camera, and not needing to remove one's backpack every time one wants to take a snapshot.

                1. In my last gig on campus they had a "business casual" dress code because it was a "professional school." After a year in the gig I started wearing non-blue/black cotton pants in a jeans cut. Nobody noticed (or at least they didn't say anything).

                  I figure, if you're not a truly skilled professional already, some Dockers and a button-down shirt ain't gonna change that. And if someone needs you to wear khakis at a minimum to perceive you as a competent professional, they probably aren't going to treat you any better if you wear a suit.

    3. I went to law school with a guy named James Bond. I am reasonably confident that he did, in fact, wear cargo shorts. At least sometimes.

      Also, he's probably the nicest guy I've ever met.

    4. Finding non-cargo, non-denim, non-pleated shorts as a fat man is an exercise in frustration. I have a great pair of khaki Dockers shorts I love, but they don't make them any more. And they only offered them in khaki and black, compared to the myriad colors the non-extended sizes are offered in.

      To be fair, it's also hard to find button up shirts that don't make me look like I'm a Mighty Mighty Bosstone and an annoying number of shirts have chest pockets. Having a decent wardrobe is so frustrating.

          1. Try 36X29 Loose Fit sometime.

            Also, I don't know when "regular" and "relaxed" legs became synonyms for "narrow", but that happened...

            1. 38x33 isn't very common either. I usually go with 34 and tear up the legs rather than have my ankles showing.

            2. Pro-Tip: Levi's "athletic fit" are the best pants I've owned. They're roomy in the butt and thigh, but taper down the leg.

              1. The last time I bought a suit (at Men's Wear house, I am not from fancy), my wife and I had a good time chatting up the sales dude. He 'splained to us the difference between standard cut and "executive cut." Heh.

      1. Single chest pockets are a good thing. No chest pocket shirts are incomplete. Double chest pockets are just weird.

            1. I would wear polo shirts* if they came with chest pockets.

              *Do I call them "golf shirts"? Is there a diff?

                1. Great, now I have no idea what kind of shirts I own. Blended materials? Double stitching?? Welted collars?!? How am I supposed to know these things?!!?!?!
                  I'll just get my wife to dress me...

                  1. I'm currently wearing a shirt that doesn't exist according to that blurb, since it's otherwise a polo but has a pocket.

                2. Although I have polos in my wardrobe, I prefer a Western-style sport shirt for work. Though nowhere near a fussy dresser, I bust out the full linen ensemble on hot or steamy days.

                  1. I'm moving from full suit-and-tie every day (which I loved), to a more "business casual and professional looking polos" wardrobe, because it will make my target clientele more comfortable than the suits.

                    1. After funerals in my hometown Pops Hayes would joke that he wanted to be buried by one particular undertaker because they had several guys just standing by, waiting to help and adjusting their cuff links.

                3. None of my golf shirts have pockets. I just did a Google Image search for "golf shirt" and none of those shirts have pockets.

                  I am skeptical of this link.

              1. To me, if it's not a button-down shirt and it has a collar, it's a polo. I don't have golf shirts because I don't golf. If I ever do go golfing, the shirt I wear that day will be my golf shirt.

          1. Agreed. I also hate the tiny logos that polo shirts insist on putting on the chest.

            Luckily, golf shirts have breathable material, no pockets, and (often times) no logos. Plus, they allow wide range of motion for the arms. Once I figured out how perfect they worked for exactly what I wanted them for, I threw away all of my polos.

    5. My wife has never said anything to me about my wardrobe. We're both of the mind if it's comfortable and it covers up what it's supposed to cover up, wear it. Working from home, my daily wardrobe is sweatshirts/long-sleeved T's during the winter and T-shirts and shorts (no cargos) the remainder of the year.

    6. Another thing about complaining about Cargo Shorts:
      First, Bahama shorts were deemed ridiculous. I was young at the time and just accepted.
      Then Jorts became unacceptable, So I was persuaded to moved to Cargo Shorts.
      Now that Cargo shorts are unstylish, what's left? Just stay inside when it's hot?

    7. I don't understand all this sudden cargo shorts hate. This is the second Internet place I frequent in which the topic has come up. Obama will get Charlton Heston's guns before he gets my cargo shorts.

      Seriously, where in the hell am I going to put my phone and (admittedly too) big wallet? If I'm wearing jeans I'm either risking sitting on my phone or getting the screen scratched by my keys, and that's not even getting into the uncomfortable unforgiving nature of denim.

      1. When I got my smartphone, I bought a case with the wallet included, so I just need to carry my phone and car keys in my pockets when I'm out. Admittedly, the wallet doesn't hold much in the way of credit cards, etc., but I've found it to be enough for what I need. The only real difference is I now give any receipts to my wife instead of stuffing them into my wallet.

        1. I considered that option, but the two issues I have with them are that I definitely carry too much crap in my wallet, but with cargo pants is not a big deal so I don't mind. Secondly, I really don't want to be flashing my wallet around just to use my phone.

      2. I remember some pretty serious kvetching about the lack of a smaller, current-gen iPhone when the 6S was released. Turns out maybe pockets are useful things to have for our mobile, handheld supercomputers.

    8. It's nice to know that people for whom this constitutes a major social crisis have an outlet to vent their concern for the fate of humanity.

  3. Thanks for the good vibes folks. My old man was discharged with a cleanish bill of health. He'd had a massive game art attack 20 years ago, and has slowly lost some functionality over the years. His docs are confident that he's doing good for someone with his medical history. Here's to some more good years.

  4. Home inspection went about as well as you'd expect on a 103 year old farm house. Honestly, I was very pleased with the state of things. Nothing's majorly wrong, but there are enough things that need fixing that we'll have to negotiate a little with the seller to move forward.

    1. I saw him at Acme back when he frankly wasn't very good yet, or all that well known yet. 2007 I believe. I remember feeling like everyone before him was better. It was just a lot of anger and swear words. His act has changed a lot.

  5. Attn: Zombieman -

    Will be staying in Austin Friday night. Likely arriving late afternoon/early evening. Tips for places to eat Friday evening and/or see in town? Must be somewhat tolerable to/tolerant of my 4 young kids. Thanks.

    1. Also, Algonad, we're stopping in West Bend late Friday morning (The Grotto). Any similar recommendations for your home area?

      1. It's county fair time in Algona! I recommend pie made by old church ladies.

        Call State Park for a place to run around in the woods. Or Union Slough for bird watching.

        1. The excellent cooking of the church ladies is one of the main reasons I have trouble keeping my weight down.

    2. Musts: George's Pizza on Main (get a Gondola and a pizza). New owners, but i am hopeful they have kept the place up. Tendermaid for a lunch. Loose meat burgers and a malt. SPAM Museum. Drive by my boyhood home (ranch-style house at 8th St. and 6th Ave. NW) and waive hello.

      Not much else to highlight. Eastside Lake. Marcusen Park. St. Augustine's Church. Paramount Theater. The Elam House (Frank Lloyd Wright- designed; Roosevelt Bridge (

  6. Beau, we went to Rancho Grande after the home inspection yesterday. Thanks for the recommendation, it was very tasty.

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