33 thoughts on “2016 Game 131(?): Minnesota Twins vs. Whatever Team’s Gonna Kick The Crap Out Of Us”

  1. goodness, this is a sad statistic:

    Phil Miller ‏@MillerStrib

    Juan Centeno throws out Jose Ramirez trying to steal -- 1st baserunner thrown out by Twins catchers since Centeno got Brock Holt on July 24.

    1. Not really without context. It depends on how many successful in between. A lot of great catchers could go a long time between throwing out base runners just because no one is attempting.

      1. That's true, but Suzuki has thrown out 19% of base stealers this season and Centeno, before tonight, had thrown out 14%. I don't think too many runners are getting intimidated by that. Of course, it could be that, given the Twins' pitching staff, other teams aren't trying to steal bases because they figure they can score from first on a home run just as easily as they can score from second.

          1. Ivan Rodriguez averaged 31 CS per year. His lowest was 13, also his last year. I think it would be extraordinarily uncommon for a regular catcher to go a month without a CS without being pretty bad.

  2. If we're that determined to pick up the "pace of play", let's go really old school and go back to the nineteenth-century rule that said players could leave their gloves on the field when they went in to bat.

  3. Of course, the Twins get 6 shutout innings from a starting pitcher for the first time in like a month or more (seems like) and they don't even have a lead after scoring at least 6 runs in the 3 previous losses.

  4. I would be more upset about Rosario bunting at pitches out of the strike zone if I didn't know he would have been swinging at them anyways if he wasn't bunting.

  5. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Twins bring in their closer in a tie game in the 8th inning of a road game. Never thought I'd see that happen. Too bad Kintzler isn't exactly a relief ace, but at least Molitor is doing what he can with what he has.

      1. I'm not sure of the count, but Bert has to be the king of the 1-0 loss, at least for the Twins.

        (EDIT: I quit counting at nine (not extra-innings), and he has several 0-2 losses and 1-0 wins as well)

        1. He has 60 CG in which he gave up only a single run. He lost nine of them. 36 CG in which he gave up two runs with 11 losses. Two of the losses were 0-2.

          On the flip side, he has 15 1-0 wins.

        2. For Twins, Bert is second in the 0-1 game, assuming the starter pitched at least six innings. He had six with the Twins.

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