12 thoughts on “Twins game in progress”

  1. It's sure a good thing we got Duffey and Berrios out of the rotation and put Albers and Dean in. If we hadn't done that, we might have had a bunch of short starts and a long losing streak.

          1. This is pure speculation, but every time I read something about Berrios with the Twins, it was about how Neil Allen was working with him to do this, and Eddie Guardado was working with him to do that, and Bert Blyleven was working with him to do something else. I'm sure it's all well-intentioned, and it might even have been good advice, but when you hear that many things from that many people, it can sometimes do more harm than good. You're out there thinking about how your hands have to be here, and your feet have to be like this, and you've got to make sure your arm slot is such-and-such, and it just gets to be too much. I wonder if they wouldn't do better to tell him to just forget everything and throw the ball like he does in AAA.

  2. Looking at baseball-reference this morning....

    WAR Position Players
    1. Trout (LAA) 8.9
    2. Betts (BOS) 7.8
    3. Altuve (HOU) 7.3
    4. Donaldson (TOR) 6.8
    5. Machado (BAL) 6.2
    6. Cano (SEA) 6.1
    7. Seager (SEA) 6.0
    8. Eaton (CHW) 5.5
    9. Dozier (MIN) 5.4
    10. Pedroia (BOS) 5.3
    Correa (HOU) 5.3

    also, look at all those 2Bmen on the leaderboard.

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