Happy Birthday–August 4

Jake Beckley (1867)
Dolf Luque (1890)
Chick Galloway (1896)
Ski Melillo (1899)
Bill Hallahan (1902)
George Caster (1907)
Tuck Stainback (1911)
Luke Easter (1915)
Don Kolloway (1918)
Dallas Green (1934)
Frank Kostro (1937)
Ray Oyler (1938)
Cleon Jones (1942)
Johnny Grubb (1948)
Roger Clemens (1962)
B. J. Surhoff (1964)
Matt Merullo (1965)
Troy O’Leary (1969)
Bob Howry (1973)
Eric Milton (1975)
Scott Linebrink (1976)
Josh Roenicke (1982)

While this is an incredible day for names, it should be pointed out that none of these players was listed here because of his name.  In fact, each of them had a substantial baseball career.

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2016 Game 107: Twins at Cleveland

So, tomorrow is the two-thirds point of the season...I'm feeling a tad regretful over how little I've watched, in that case. On the other hand, I assume I was having fun doing whatever the hell I was doing in place of watching this team.

All the same, they've been at least decent lately, and could pull off an unlikely sweep if somehow Tyler Duffey can pitch better than Trevor Bauer, which is not the ideal matchup to complete a sweep, but I guess that's what we've got. I might catch the beginning of this, but I'll be meeting freealonzo at US Bank Stadium to see the Blues take on AC Milan, and as much as I wouldn't hate seeing this game, I would always regret missing Chelsea when they were just a handful of miles away.

Go Twins! Maybe we'll check in late in the game when the match is starting.

Happy Birthday–August 3

Silver Flint (1855)
Ed McFarland (1874)
Harry Heilmann (1894)
Jim Hegan (1920)
Roger Repoz (1940)
Dan Meyer (1952)
Bob Davidson (1952)
Jim Gott (1959)
Mike Jeffcoat (1959)
Sid Bream (1960)
Mackey Sasser (1962)
Kevin Elster (1964)
Rod Beck (1968)
Troy Glaus (1976)
Travis Bowyer (1981)
Mark Reynolds (1983)

Bob Davidson was an umpire from 1985-1999 and 2005-present.

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