26 thoughts on “Game 141: clevelanders @ twins”

          1. If you move it to rolling 20-game window, then it's his best yet. It barely edges out the end of his 2015/beginning of 2016.

  1. Chris Herrmann, owner of a .284/.352/.493 batting line for the Diamondbacks, out for the season. Yes, that Chris Herrmann posted an .845 OPS.

  2. How was Mauer expecting Colon to approach him in the 12th?

    “Probably not give me a whole lot, to be honest,” he said. “That’s how it’s been.”

    Indeed, Mauer has 38 intentional walks in the ninth inning or later. His on-base percentage in extra innings before Saturday was .504, so this notion of Mauer failing in the clutch simply because of his lack of walk-off hits is faulty.

    Doing what I can to battle Mauer hate.

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