49 thoughts on “game 152 in progress”

    1. At least Dozier isn't going to lose a home run. I assume the teams are going to try to complete the game tonight due to being so late in the season. They should postpone it until it's needed. The Twins need all the help they can get to avoid 103 losses.

    2. Had the Hnos up to the house in Scandia tonite to help with chain-sawing, garage clearing, etc.

      Quite the dramatic storms, tho, going through the area - line from Elk River, Blaine, Brooklyn Park, to us in Scandia.

      The Bros defied the gods and took out most of the trees that were hanging over the garage, despite the rains. OK we're wet, whatever.

      NBBW delivered Scandia Pizza (awesome) and we ate it in the garage, watching the light-show over Marine/Stillwater, like fireworks.

    1. I'm a 10 minute walk from ballpark and right now it's kinda nice out. I'd so head over to the game if I wasn't going on a 5 day vas stun tomorrow.

      1. I'm not going on a 5 day vas stun tomorrow (or wouldn't talk about it if I were). 5-day vacation.

        I still might head to the ballpark however.

    1. They'll probably give it to someone on the 1987 team because the Twins love to live in the past.

    1. I was home for the first hour of the game, but I still turned down the sound on the TV and listened to the radio guys.

    1. Is the difference between Schafer and Juan Centeno big enough to justify using 2 players? I guess with the bases loaded, it does help that Schafer walks a little more than Centeno, but still, it doesn't seem enough to worry about using 2 players for one move.

    1. Okay, so that explains this in my feed
      Erick Aybar intentionally walks in the top of the 9th, Justin Upton scores. The Tigers extend their lead over the Twins 4-2.

    1. I'm waiting for him to show up. This isn't the guy I read about after the trade. Besides the wildness, of course. He supposedly was hitting 100 on occasion. Were they using KPH on that occasion?

      1. Sorry, call 'em how I see 'em. Or heck, how my phone updates me about 'em
        One run score on an intentional walk, another on a strikeout. I've never seen a team want that first pick so badly.

      1. Oh, and choosing not to play a first baseman at first base (despite the expanded roster) led to those last two runs when Beresford had no chance on that Dozier throw.

  1. In some ways, I think it's better the Twins finish the season this way. That way, there's no doubt that the front office needs an overhaul and maybe even Jim Pohlad will change his mind on the Molitor ultimatum.

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