FMD: A Morning Show “bit” that I actually enjoyed

The 89.3 morning show is generally more 'miss' than 'hit,' but sometimes it works. This morning was one of those: on Fridays, they do a "Song War" where each host selects a song and plays a 15-20 second clip of it. Of note, neither host knows ahead of the clip which song the other is queuing up. The audience chooses which one they'd prefer to hear in its entirety and votes via Twitter. This morning, the selections were a bit out of leftfield for The Current.* :

A: Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills



B: Helmet - Unsung


*I was stoked and almost pulled over to send a text to cheaptoy. Decided instead to use it for FMD!

Was going to set up a poll, but having never done so before, didn't know how to do it... so, which would be your choice? A or B?

Drop you choice and list below!

BTW, the listeners selected:

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11 thoughts on “FMD: A Morning Show “bit” that I actually enjoyed”

  1. I totally hear the connection between Helmet and Battles now.
    They were never my band, but I enjoyed them when I heard them. Albums seemed a bit samey front-to-back though.
    I'd vote for them, but it might depend on the 15-second sample.

  2. Back from vacation (Jay Cooke State Park and the Duluth area) to a one-day workweek. What do I have to get me through?

    1. Mix Master Mike “Audio Mass” Surprize Packidge EP
    2. Mix Master Mike “Ill $#!+” Anti-Theft Device
    3. Palace Music “Lost Blues” Lost Blues And Other Songs
    4. Jane's Addiction “Summertime Rolls” Nothing's Shocking
    5. Bobby Bare Jr. “Don't Follow Me (I'm Lost)” From the End of Your Leash

    6. Lamb “Cotton Wool” Lamb
    7. Ken Nordine “Purple” Colors
    8. Twilight Circus Sound System “Kik” Horsie
    9. Jan St. Werner “Transcendental Animal Music” Transcendental Animal Numbers
    T. Steve Reich “Tranquility Bass: Megamix”* Reich Remixed
    E. Elza Soares “Benedita” A Muher do Fim do Mundo

    *It's surprising how well this works. With less self-imposed contraints on his compositions, Reich himself could have used the "Come Out" tape as the vox and 19th musician on "Music for 18 Musicians". Tranquility Bass clearly had a feel for Reich that many others did not. He doesn't stay long enough at any part though, I wonder if there was a longer remix that needed to be cut down to let other remixers on the disc. I'd put this mix as #2 on the compilation after Ken Ishii's haunting deconstruction and reassemblage of "Come Out".

  3. I still have a couple weeks of free trial to Sirius XM radio that came with the car purchase. I found five channels that I saved: Classic Vinyl, Deep Tracks, and some generic light jazz / chill / instrumental stuff. You can guess which two I gravitate towards.

  4. The Joy Formidable - The Everchanging Spectrum of a Lie - The Big Roar
    Pixies - Something Against You - Surfer Rosa
    EMA - Satellites - The Future's Void
    Tool - Lateralus - Lateralus
    MewithoutYou - Fiji Mermaid - Ten Stories
    Fins - Shattered - (self-titled)
    Rmftm - Rapture - Subversive II: Splendor of the Wicked**
    Andy Stott - Damage - Faith in Strangers
    Priests - Right Wing - Bodies and Control and Money and Power
    The Kills - Future Starts Slow - Blood Pressures

    ** Rmftm = Radar men from the moon - no relation to KMFDM that I am aware of.

  5. 1. Electric Feel – MGMT
    2. Take My Love And Run – Bad Suns
    3. Silver Bells – Johnny Mathis
    4. Habits (Stay High) – Tove Lo
    5. The Weight Of Lies – The Avett Brothers

    6. Say My Name (RAC Mix) – ODESZA (Feat. Zyra)
    7. Tangerine – Big Boi
    8. Rumour Hast It – Adele
    9. (I Just) Died In Your Arms – Cutting Crew
    10. Am I Wrong – Nico & Vinz

    B1. Tell Me How To Live – Capital Cities

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