2016 Game 162 – Gemini vs. Laundry

First pitch 2:10 p.m. Central

Jose Berrios (2-7, 8.61 ERA, 46 K, 1.913 WHIP )
Chris Sale (17-9, 3.21 ERA, 227 K, 1.026 WHIP)

A summary of the Twins' 2016 season, in Tamarian:
Kira at Bashi. Gemini; Uzani, his army when the grass grows. The beast at Tanagra. Kadir beneath Mo Moteh, Kiteo his eyes closed. Zima and Bakor. Zinda, his face black, his eyes red. Shaka, when the walls fell. Darmok on the ocean - Kiazi's children, their faces wet. Sokath, his eyes open. Kailash, when it rises. Darmok and Jalad on the ocean.

Play ball!

37 thoughts on “2016 Game 162 – Gemini vs. Laundry”

  1. So we need Baltimore and Toronto to lose and Detroit to win. We also need San Francisco to lose and St. Louis to win.

      1. These teams are not cooperating at all. The Orioles are winning, the Tigers are losing, and the Giants are winning.

    1. I think the most amazing thing is that long stride he took going around second base. If I maxed it my stride like that while also trying to step on a base, is to face first into the dirt.

  2. Cory and Dazzle are questioning why Molitor took Berrios out so early in his last start. I agree with them, but I'm pleasantly surprised to hear them say it.

  3. Jeff Passan's 25 Things You Didn't Know About Baseball is fantastic. It's a week old now but #22 is especially notable after the leadoff hit today.

    22. Forget Billy Hamilton and Trea Turner. Byron Buxton is the Fastest Man in Baseball.

    The former No. 2 overall pick and top prospect in the game is finally turning all the tools that left evaluators frothing into production. And his wheels may be the best of them all. Statcast tracks runners’ speed to and from every base, and Buxton holds the best times for a right-handed hitter going home to first, second and third.

    Home to first, Buxton ran 90 feet in 3.72 seconds. That’s not on a bunt. That’s a swing from the right side. And that is patently absurd. The second-fastest time belongs to Buxton and Hamilton, tied at 3.84 seconds. Turner’s fastest: 3.91 seconds.

    Going to second, Buxton is even more dominant. He owns the eight fastest times in baseball this year, with 7.3 seconds his fastest. Hamilton’s best is 7.56 and Turner’s 7.6 seconds.

    And home to third, Buxton has the top three and five of the top eight. His fastest: 10.69 seconds. The next best was Keon Broxton’s 10.89 seconds. Turner’s quickest: 11.14 seconds.

    1. And records for small numbers will be set this year. Emphasis mine below.

      6. The Red Sox are going to break the record for fewest sacrifice bunts in a season.

      This shouldn’t be a surprise, seeing as they play in the American League, boast a deadly offense and it’s 2016, but Boston’s aversion to the sacrifice is impressive. In 152 games, they’ve laid down six sacrifice bunts. The record for the fewest in a season: nine, by the 2005 Rangers.

      Six sacrifice hits! Six!

      Another team with six of something, the Orioles.

      8. Speaking of the Orioles, they are the slowest, most plodding team ever.
      Tortoise-like that may seem, it gets even more lumbering. The Orioles have six triples this season.

      That is not a record I would enjoy breaking.

        1. The guy that used to be the beat writer for the Rochester Red Wings complained on Twitter the other day when Boston didn't bunt in an "easy" bunt situation. I was tempted to point out that the Red Sox have the fewest sac bunts in the AL by far and have the most runs scored in the AL by far and that there probably is a correlation but I decided it would just fall on deaf ears anyways.

          1. They also have, by far, the highest scoring team in MLB this year. Only Colorado is close and they're Colorado.

  4. Berrios had a pretty solid outing today. Yes, it's more pitches than you'd like to see in five innings, but a lot of young pitchers have that problem. Five innings, one run, four hits (and one a pretty questionable hit), and three walks. I'll take it.

  5. No three-way tie in the AL, as Baltimore wins. Still a shot at a two-way tie. Toronto is tied with Boston and the Tigers trail Atlanta by one. NL tie would take a lot, as the Giants lead 5-1 in the eighth.

    1. And the Tigers lose. No game 163 in the AL. Giants lead by six in the eighth, so I think we can safely say no game 163 in the NL, either.

      1. If they'd never have invented the Wild-card game, we would have had two game 163s. So just consider the wildcards to be them.

  6. Berrios pitches fairly well and wins, Buxton races for an inside the park homer and also take up a double, and Sano mashes a long 3 run bomb, but also knocks one the opposite way for a hit. Let's hope that all of these are omens for 2017.

          1. They're so bad at what they do, they get extra help to turn it around.

            'Spoiler' SelectShow
  7. Nice way to finish the season winning a series in Chicago. Still got the team loss record and No.1 overall pick, so no glossing over this when it comes for the new guy to start making changes.

  8. Apparently we were on the broadcast at some point, or so family reported. For the 2nd game in a row, we were able to sit right behind the Twins dugout.

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