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  1. AMR! I was surprised to see you on that block. I contemplated waiting at the light and crossing to the south side of 3rd Street, but that felt too contrived somehow.

  2. Win: Urías
    Hold: Jansen
    Save: Kershaw

    Urias youngest player ever with a win in the postseason. Kershaw's last save was in 2006 in the GCL and of course his catcher then was Jansen.

  3. Spooky - your girls were here for the end of the 2015-16 school year?
    Kernel started Kindergarten this year - riding the bus, new building, new teacher, new classmates - all-around new routine. It was not a smooth transition, though improving mightily.

    1. They were.

      The transition is not so bad. Skim is getting damn near perfect scores on everything she turns in, but is bizarrely failing to turn in about 25% of her (completed!1!!11!1) work.

  4. A two-run double by Osvaldo Abreu with one out in the bottom of the ninth gave Glendale a 5-4 victory over Surprise. Nick Gordon was 3-for-5 with a run and an RBI, making him 6-for-9 so far. Tanner English was 1-for-4. Stephen Gonsalves started and pitched three innings, giving up one run on three hits and no walks with one strikeout.

  5. At home with the Poissonnier today, who is fighting off a virus & feeling pretty sad & feverish. (Mrs. Hayes took the last two since I was wrapping up a search.) Tooth #2 cracked through at the same time the virus arrived, so Tylenol has been in demand.

    1. Is a whiskey soaked rag not the preferable parenting method any more? I should look into these things.

        1. So, is there a proper/preferred method of consuming Unicum? I got a bottle to a few years ago when I was in Poland, and its a bit too harsh for me to enjoy drinking it straight.

          1. The traditional way to drink Unicum is neat at room temperature. (I drink Becherovka the same way, but I don't know if that's the typical method.) You could chill Unicum or take it on the rocks if you want to try that, or try mixing it with a little soda water and a twist of orange peel.

            1. Neat at room temp is how I've done it so far. I like each drink for the first 5 seconds, but that second round of bitterness is a bit too much for me. Clearly the answer is I just need to drink more and get used to it

              1. Clearly the answer is I just need to drink more and get used to it.

                If I had a nickel for every time I've tried said ahem ... heard this, I'd be a wealthy man.

            2. I haven't had Becherovka in years. I actually acquired that taste, I wonder if that's still the case.

              I never did get the hang of slivovice.

    2. virus's suck
      teething sucks
      teething + virus = near-perfect misery

      good luck papa bear.

      1. Thanks. Mrs. Hayes definitely bore the worst of it Wednesday afternoon & yesterday. Her fever broke during that nap this morning. She's played more after that than she has since Tuesday, so I think she's turned the corner.

        With a little luck, she might even take an afternoon nap in her crib.

    3. Thanks to all these viruses, I'm pretty certain I have consumed more Sudafed than alcohol this year.

        1. Mathematician in me was wondering what the K in the K-1st.
          And why you'd be setting up a series of 1st, 2nd, 3rd... kids choirs.

  6. Resting quite comfortably right now; it's amazing how much things have improved since the first hip just over a year ago.. They have a dressing which is water imperviable, so I can shower much earlier than I could have before, and no changing dressings. Also, they routinely do a catheter now during surgery, so no necessary eating out of bed for quite a while. And, no staples - just disolvable stitches and bio-glue. Looking to get home soon, if the physical therapist shows up soon.

    1. My dad has had that procedure done on both hips twice and my mom is scheduled to do it in a couple weeks. She came down to have lunch today and was telling me about how they remove the leg and physically bring it to another room. She was a bit horrified, but, combining that and what you've said and my dad's second experience, all can think is technology!

        1. I presume they bring it somewhere cold, but yeah, she said that's what the doctor told her. Either that, or I want paying close enough attention and it wasn't the doctor's but someone goofing her.

          1. I'll admit, I was kind of hoping Mike's "Neat, at room temperate is how I've done it so far" was going to be in response to this thread.

      1. Bring the leg into another room?! Ha! Thank God, no

        I know just enough of how they do things to satisfy my curiosity but not give me the willies. They put a ~6" Frankenstein scar in the middle of my butt cheek, then remove the top of the femur with the connection to the ball. Not sure how they prep the socket. It's more carpentry than surgery, the way I look at it. They screw a new socket into the hip (first had 2 screws, this one was a better fit and only had 1 screw) and then hammer the spike of the new hip into the hollow of the femur. Several x-rays are done to ensure the proper length of leg. I'm pretty sure my body was put through several acrobatic moves to give the doctor the best angle to work with.

        There is of course healing of the hip and the incision, but the major part of recovery is the "hip restrictions" -- while doing the surgery, the ligaments / tendons are stretched pretty good, and the muscles are a bit weak, so there are some range-of-motion restrictions to prevent the hip from popping out of the socket. Since my doctor prefers posterior incision (some prefer going through the front, which has different restrictions), my hip restrictions are 1) no not sit forward past 90 degrees, 2) don't point the foot inward, 3) don't twist at the hip, 4) don't cross legs. One of the biggest challenges is sitting on the toilet; not only do you have to (try) slouching, but you have to keep your leg straight in front of you, and you're sitting on your incision. Add to that the medicines tend to make you constipated. Sorry for the TMI.

        Thankfully this time around the doc said I had minimal bleeding so I don't need to take iron pills (also leads to constipation), and I shouldn't have a bit of swelling on the top of my foot like the first hip.

        I'm curious if I could be able to donate bone marrow now -- don't they typically take it from the hip?

    2. They have a dressing which is water imperviable

      I was gonna ask if the development of "imperviable" dressing was the result of the [FZ redaction], but that would have gotten me in trouble.

      Be good and do good, Rhu.

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