218 thoughts on “2016 World Series: Game Seven”

    1. Lolich a Croatian, the other notable Croatian MLBer being Roger Maris.

      Kevin McHale on the Croatian top MLB list not sure why - but Croatian on his mother's side.

      A brush with fame with KMcH at Perkins in Shoreview one Sunday morning after hockey at Bo's rink. He had to dunk for the doorway.

  1. If Schwarber could do that over, I bet he decides a runner on first and two out with Bryant up is just dandy.

  2. Hendricks threw nine pitches he shouldn't have had to after Baez' error. Looking forward to watching Baez make it right.

      1. Well, hit me up. zero zero 2 mylast name at gmizzle. (if you've got that one...) I've got a good beer trade in mind....

  3. This game is way more interesting than the Louisiana senate candidates debate.... *

    *Yeah, Forbidden Zone, but still crazy...

  4. On the grill: Chicken and Sausage Gumbo on a school night. Yeah, I'm a glutton (for punishment... and the other kind).

    1. We had a pretty quick & easy ham & white bean soup with arugula & olive oil toasts. I added some Aleppo pepper to my bowl. Mrs. Hayes drank my last cold beer, a Revolution Bottom Up Wit. The cold weather needs to get here so the cellar cools down and I can make impromptu withdrawals.

  5. Y'know, if the Royals* would have played harder in the All-Star Game, the Indians could have been playing this game at home.

    *among others. Or was 2015 the year almost all the Royals were All-Stars?

      1. No, he's got it right. I'll also say it is nice to see the Cubs play well in front of the home crowd.

  6. If the Cubs hold on, that would be the second straight WS Game 7 that the road team won. However, the home team had won the previous 9 times. Before 2014, the last team to win Game 7 on the road was Bert's 1979 Pirates team, which also overcame a 3-1 series deficit.

  7. Hendriks would have been the odds-on favorite to be MVP if it wasn't for Maddon overmanaging. He was pulled in his first start in the fifth inning of a scoreless game and now he's pulled in the fifth inning in which he's leading 5-1 and there is 1 runner on base and 2 outs.

    1. Ricocheted off Ross's mask about 50 feet away, he couldn't find it right away, and Kipnis got a great read.

  8. It looked like Ross got concussed on that pitch. I'm assuming he simply tripped himself but it does look weird to see a guy fall backwards like that.

        1. I inadvertently visited Retrosheet a few weeks ago. I was very pleased to see it looked the same as I remembered it looking in 2005.

          (I love what that site does. That it's remained the same is endearing.)

      1. Miller hasn't pitched since Saturday... I thought he was going to be fresh & Chapman torched after last night?

    1. Well, the one time, he didn't get a strike on a pitch that was pretty clearly a strike, but other than that, his stuff seems flat.

      He and Kluber both have seemed tired today.

      1. I was wondering if it was fatigue for Miller, or if he was rested but overthrowing his stuff. Listening to the telegraph, it's hard to know.

      1. Plus Philosofette has her first formal teaching evaluation tomorrow so is tied up, and I have a three hour drive starting at 4:30 in the a.m and need to pack for several days... Wee!

    1. I like Buck's observation, "That hasn't been called a strike all night."
      Yeah, because it weren't a strike.

        1. It's my favorite beverage that tastes like throwing up in my mouth a little bit.

          (I actually enjoy it.)

    1. I'm already tired of people saying this is better than Game Seven of 1991, and they haven't even said it yet.

  9. I think what we're seeing here tonight is that there is a happy medium between waiting for a save and tossing your best pitcher out there for 40 pitches in a blowout, then leaning on him again the next day.

    1. Chapman threw 20 pitches last night. You're thinking of Sunday night. At Bat says he's hitting 100 tonight. So he's lost a bit of velocity, but it might be the poor location that's hurting him, or it might be his foot, or it might just be cumulative.

  10. My old roommate went to high school with Rajai Davis, so I've always had a soft spot for him. That is Game 163esque with the way his defensive mishaps led to runs earlier...

  11. I would really like to go to bed, so I would not be sad at all if they were forced to suspend this game.

  12. How hilarious would it be if they let Lebron and JR Smith join the grounds crew? Would anything fire up the crowd more than a shirtless JR Smith in the rain?

  13. No way do I have a completely gassed pitcher who is just trying to get it over the plate for a strike up with the teeth of Cleveland's order up

  14. The key to Davis' HR had to be choking up on the bat. I would have turned to the PR to comment on it, but she's asleep (against her will, she's just so worn out from you know, growing a little person)

  15. Well this benefits the Cubs, since Chapman was done, but Shaw probably had another inning in him.

  16. "who wants it most"??!

    I fully expect the Cubs to come out of the rain delay, acknowledge that they're really just not into it anymore, and walk sadly off the field.

        1. This is actually the first I've heard of the panel. I generally turn it on 30 seconds before first pitch and off 30 seconds after the last out.

  17. This is going to make my drive in to work in the morning pure ass, but no way I'm going to bed.

    At least I get to sleep in (relatively) on Friday

      1. If this game is over in the next half hour, I can still get six fhour of sleep.

        And we have to pack for Chicago in the morning before work too. We're staying in the Cities tomorrow to save driving extra on Friday.

          1. Most likely not, especially not opener. I still need to email you. I honestly have no idea how go about it - tags, grounds, rifle, etc.

            I'm a decent shot at least, but beyond that.

      1. I'm reading his Twitter series on the building of the Cubs right now. Really impressive, that Trueblood.

  18. If the game wouldn't have lasted so long, I might not have realized that I needed to put the venison jerky in the dehydrator tonight or it wouldn't be ready before it was time to leave for deer camp.

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