CSI: Carlsbad, CA [2003 Upper Deck]

It's been a while since we've done this -- not because I don't want to (they're pretty entertaining), but because there has been a serious shortage of Twins' action photographs in recent baseball card sets...thanks Obama Topps. We've done several of these in the past, but never as their own dedicated post.

We're going to go back a bit here, and throw a shout out to a recently retired former Twin. This is 2003 Upper Deck card #114 from their flagship product:

Not sure that there is enough to go on here, but you guys are rabid ferrets, and if this play can be singled out, you're just the ones to do it.

The clues:

  • day game, and long sleeves (early season?)
  • away game
  • play at the plate (Safe? Out? Hard to say.)
  • ©2002, so this play is in all likelihood from maybe the first 2/3 or so of the 2002 season, captured in time to use on the 2003 set.

Alright Citizens, have at it! Further clues in the comments are fine, but spoiler your answers.

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  1. I can't see any piping on the catcher's sleeve, which would seal this as Milwaukee for 2001-02. Could it be the Mariners instead?

    here is a picture of the Brewers' main catcher in 2002, Paul Bako. Note the piping on the sleeve. There is gold between the blue. I don't see that on the catcher's leg in the CSI pic.

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    2. I checked all of the game logs against the Mariners in Seattle and Ortiz never scores on anything but a home run nor is he out at the plate. I could have missed something but the six games I checked didn't have a potential match.

    3. Mariners' piping all looks solid from what I see, so the gap in the piping on the leg doesn't seem quite right on that?

    1. ok, I was going to declare victory, then noticed that dw had spoilered the correct answer. Kudos, dw!

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