32 thoughts on “November 20, 2016: Sunday!!”

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  1. In case you missed it like I did, LaTroy Hawkins has joined the Twins as a special assistant. It doesn't say exactly who he'll be assisting, but it's nice to have him back in the organization.

  2. Neighbors suck. They send their effin kids over to our house all the time, but when the trinket goes over to play with them, they keep telling her she can't be there. I know kids can be jerk anyway, but FFS.

      1. Heh, well the two girls that keep doing this do have some interesting family situations.

        The worst part is that, when it comes to her friends, the trinket is really sweet and just wants to play with everyone, so it's pretty heartbreaking.

  3. Adventures in home ownership, the guest bath shitter has been wobbly since day one. I check the bolts and the level of the floor looking for a shim situation, but there is also a venting problem. While tightening the bolts the toilet comes completely free from the floor. Oh shit (yeah, I know what I did there). I get the water drained, and remove the throne to find that the a holes who installed it failed to secure the flange to the floor properly, and by tightening the bolts I've broken them free of the flange. *UCK ME! Lets head to home depot. Plumbing dude says you're kinda screwed, but wait(!) there is a solution. Add a stainless steel flange to the original, re drill (which I forget to do (doh!)), new wax ring, and viola working pooper again. After a second trip to the depot to get another wax ring I have a tightly secured pot again. Now to clean up all that wax, and drink an american craft brewed beer.

    1. Adventures in home ownership. I have a roof leak in my (attached) garage. Thought it was just overflow from a clogged gutter last storm. But new storm, new leak, despite clear gutters. Scheiss.

    2. Sometimes it's nice to live in a parsonage, where if something goes wrong you just call the chair of the trustees committee and tell them to get it fixed.

  4. I made fun of an ad the other day of making a matchup of Michigan St. and Florida Gulf Coast in basketball sound exciting. So of course, FGCU had a shot at the buzzer to win but missed it as the buzzer went off too soon. The refs said it would have counted if he made it, but I still have to think FGCU has to feel like an early buzzer probably threw off the shooter at least somewhat.

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