14 thoughts on “12 December 2016 – The End”

    1. Definitely attorneys* general.

      *My phone wanted to correct that to "assugreyed." That correction is probably unique to my phone.

  1. I reaggravated a lower back injury this morning, though I'm not entirely sure how. Walking upright is not happening right now. Not looking forward to the walk uphill to get to the bus tonight.

  2. Off to Omerha tomorrow -- first flight since the new hip. I can barely bend enough to get a sock on my right foot, but can't lace the shoe, and I won't be trying to take my long-handled shoe horn as I'm not sure how TSA would see that. Thankfully my bus. casual shoes are laceless.

    Rows, up for an evening meal either Wed/Thur night? It's going to be chilly, so a "no" is fine in my book 😉

  3. As about as much reminder as you're going to get, here's this week's DJ schedule:

    12/12 - Pepper
    12/13 - CarterHayes
    12/14 - AMR
    12/15 - Philosopher
    12/16 - freealonzo
    12/17 - nibbish
    12/18 - MagUidhir

  4. I was at the infuriating Wolves game last night. Not that I'm pulling from much of a sample size, but 100% of the Wolves losses I've ever attended were against the Warriors. There were a lot of years (and inches) between Manute Bol and Steph Curry, though.

    1. When I was young, Manute Bol was one of my favorite non Wolves players. I would collect all his basketball cards and follow his stats in the box scores in the USA Today at the school library. Why Manute Bol? I love shot blockers and really tall basketball players. Except Shawn Bradley because it seemed like he always killed the Wolves and played for Dallas.

      1. I have to have mentioned it here before, but the MIN-GSW game I went to was in the inaugural season, when I was twelve. The special attraction that night was for all kids 13 and under to go to the floor during the shoot-around. We ended up on the Golden State side, where we were all a handful of feet away from Manute Bol and completely overwhelmed by his size. He leaned over and warmly said "Hi kids!" and we all thought it was the coolest thing ever.

        1. The Timberwolves used to hold their training camp at SJU. I once worked out on an eliptical next Kevin McHale. I suppose that sight seemed rather comical.

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