28 thoughts on “DECEMBER 17, 2016: THE RETURN”

  1. I can't decide whether this AP lede is making me laugh or throw up in my mouth:

    MINNEAPOLIS (AP) The University of Minnesota football team is threatening to boycott one of the nation’s top second-tier bowl games

    oooh, a TOP second-tier bowl game!!!111one111!!!

  2. The jalapeño would like a Timberwolves Dieng jersey for Christmas. I went on the website and I'm astounded by the prices. To get a Dieng jersey, it would have to be a "custom" design (because they don't make jerseys with his name), which can be had for the low price of $84.99. For a 6-year-old. The Kevin Love youth jerseys are on sale, though . . .

    1. The Citizens were (are?) big fans of K-Lub while he pounded the parquet floors for the local squad. You could do worse!

      1. I used to buy myself jerseys, but I hated getting them as gifts because they are just so pricey. I usually but rugby jerseys two+years out of current just to save on them. Nowadays, I don't even buy that much team apparel unless it's at TJ Maxx.

        1. I bought my Ross Barkley jersey for about 70% off once Everton unveiled the new ones for this season.

    2. After he and I looked together at the various options and prices, he decided he'd be happy with a KAT t-shirt. I'll wait on buying him any jerseys until they're guaranteed to fit for more than 6 minutes months.

  3. The quarterback for the University of Texas-San Antonio is named Dalton Sturm. It's too bad they don't have a receiver named Drang.

    1. 'A Vietnamese Bidding Farewell to the Remains of an American' SelectShow
            1. Except Buxton would have be playing all year like he did in September to be like KAT. Sano would be Wiggins, a talented but too one-dimensional player, and Kepler would be LaVine, the young, talented player that has been surprisingly good.

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